Find Out Why Chocolates Are Simply Awesome

Chocolates have been close to the hearts of millions for a long time, but only a few people know that its history began in Mesoamerican times. Scientifically, it is also known as Theobroma cacao. A lot of evidences have been found over the years that chocolate has been a beverage for a long time now dating back to 1900BC. This article explains to you the various types of chocolates that exist today in the world. You will be surprised to know that are many types of chocolates are defined by the FDA. They differ on the basis sweetness, milk content, and sourness. A few of them have been mentioned below, which you can gift to someone on special occasions.

  • Cacao: – Also known as Raw, Roasted or Ground Cacao. This is the Cacao bean without the shell. It can be bought roasted or raw. It is also considered to be the healthiest form of chocolate.
  • Chocolate Liqueur or Liquor: – This is the basis of all forms of chocolate and is formed by grinding cacao beans into a liquid paste. This type of chocolate contains about 53% of cocoa butter.
  • White chocolate: – The next one is white chocolate, which is not technically a chocolate as it does not contain any chocolate liquor. However, it does contain cocoa butter and varying amounts of sugar along with milk.
  • Gianduya: – The taste of this chocolate is not as twisted as its name. Made with toasted hazelnuts, it has a smooth texture and has the taste of sweet hazelnuts.
  • Cocoa: – It is also known as Cocoa powder. Although it does not come in the form that you might expect it to, yet this powder is used as much as edible chocolates. Cocoa powder is used in many recipes’ across the world. It is usually used along with baking soda while in Dutch recipes’ it is paired up with baking powder.
  • Ground chocolate: – This type of chocolate should not be confused with the Cocoa powder. This is a regular eating chocolate that has been grounded to make the powder. It is, generally, used for making drinks and is not to be used in recipes in place of Cocoa powder.

These were a few of the many types of chocolates present today in the world at your disposal. Some people eat chocolates when they are happy and some eat them when they are sad. This is the prime reason for the popularity of chocolates. The rich taste is irresistible, and you also have a good time eating it.

Chocolates also make great gifts for various occasions. You can bake chocolate cakes and gift them to others on Christmas or Easter’s or you can eat the cake on your own. There are a lot of private vendors and companies that get chocolate gifts delivered in UK and around the world for you.

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