How To Become A Chimney Sweep In UK?

Chimney Sweep trainer

It’s not everyone’s first choice for a job, but it is one that is very much still an option for those braves enough to do it. I’m talking of course about taking up the job as a chimney sweep. Now again, may not be the first choice for everybody but hear me out for a moment. The business has vastly changed from the terribly unsafe ways and practices of the olden days, which means the only thing getting stuffed up the chimney is the equipment and not you.

How To Become A Chimney Sweep In UK?How easy is it you join you say? Well here in the UK, you don’t actually need to pursue any official training or take up any qualifications to be a chimney sweep and join in on the trade. Now, that being said it would still be in your best interests to not take that as an incentive to start plundering peoples chimney stacks without a clue what you’re actually doing. Instead what you need to do is sign yourself up with an official chimney sweep association.

How To Become A Chimney Sweep In UK?Why do this? Easy – It’ll super charge your new business in all sorts of fantastic ways, give you a bit of leverage over your competitors, and you will be gifted a ton of benefits to help you grow your business out and reel in clients and success. Just to name a few of these benefits, you will be entitled to advertising space for your business, be given trade discounts on all your supplies and equipment, and be welcome to undertake training programs to get yourself further qualifications in the industry as a whole.

After all that is under your belt, you will then be able to provide your future customers with the highest possible levels of service and craftsmanship and your future customers get the confidence in knowing that you are fully qualified and knowledgeable on the task at hand. They get your fantastic service and advice with every new job, and you get recommendations which lead on to more jobs. It all goes hand in hand together happily doesn’t it?

How To Become A Chimney Sweep In UK?

If this article has perked your interests and you would like to join up, get yourself signed on at your nearest chimney sweep association today and carve an exciting new career path for yourself.

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