Do Not Go Live Until You Review The 10 Items On This Checklist

Finally the long nights spent installing a content management system (CMS), choosing a hosting platform, sorting through hundreds of themes that suspiciously begin to look alike the more time you spend looking for the perfect one and outlining content have come to an end and it’s time to launch right? Wrong! Next phase – testing.

Whether you are experienced web developer or you just playing around with your first website, you want to make sure you have a checklist handy during this phase of the project. This is because you only get one chance to make the right impression and this does not only apply to new websites but situations where the site is being moved from one content management system to another or when a complete redesign has just been done.

Do Not Go Live Until You Review The 10 Items On This Checklist

Crafting an effective website always starts with an understanding of who the target audience is and what they expect to gain from a visit to your website. Some of the common reasons users give for not returning to a website include poor user experience, a lack of thought for security, 404 errors, poorly crafted content and excessively long load time. These are issues that a website launch checklist can help mitigate.

If you surf the net regularly enough, you would come to realise that the best websites are the ones that are very intuitive and user friendly and a checklist has a lot to do with that. Here’s one we found for you.

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