3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Mobile Phones

In a world with an increasing number of electronics being manufactured, bought and resold each day, the piles of waste generated from discarded electronics is rising at an alarming rate. This has serious environmental implications and is the number one problem that environmental scientists are working on, not merely because of its urgency but also because it is easy to deal with in a few simple ways.

The biggest issue of all these electronics is that of smartphones. These days, smartphones have become such a personal and indispensable device that everybody from the age of 15 to 80 must have one. The sheer number of models and features being brought into the market each day means that anybody with even a small amount of disposable income keeps upgrading their handsets to newer ones. They sell their old phones to retailers or to online portals such as Klymen and use that money to purchase a better one. However, this is just contributing to the waste pile of mobile phones.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Mobile Phones

1. Savings

It is natural to want a new, unused phone each time you decide to purchase one for yourself or for a dear one. It gives one the feeling of having something personal and untouched. However, while buying the same, one must consider the harsh truths of the matter. A new phone is going to look and function like an old phone within a few days. Most re-sellers of old phones will give you phones that have been recently serviced, free shipping, warranty and maybe even a cash-back guarantee. The prices will be at least 40% lower than the new phones MRP. You can get the model and brand of your choice and top quality replacements as well. Thus you are essentially getting the exact same product for a lower price.

2. Environment

Every time you buy a new phone instead of a used one you are essentially sending the used phone you could have purchased to the garbage dump. Each phone is made up of a variety of re-usable materials that get wasted if the phones reach the landfill. These materials are not very easily bio-degradable and thus cause a lot of harm to our environment. Energy is wasted in the whole process of compacting these items to turn them into waste heaps. Each phone that is reused is a great asset to our environment.

3. Re-sale

Purchasing used phones makes sense for any gadget freak who loves to upgrade his or her mobile phones after a short interval of time. Since one has not used the phone for long, the phone will be sold for almost the same amount that you bought it at, thus enabling you to buy another at a similar, discounted rate. Buying and selling used phones, no matter how frequently, thus becomes a self sustaining process that requires negligible additional contribution from your own pocket.

New phones come and go in the market every day, like the latest fashion trends. Many people today want to be constantly up-to-date with the latest technologies. However, if one can simply learn to take it slow and move just four to six months behind on the latest phones one can get much better deals on the exact same gadget. Besides this, we must not forget that as citizens of the world, it is our duty to put environment consciousness before anything else.

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