Enchanting Getaways from The City Of Kolkata

Best time to visit Kolkata is amid the months of October-December, to appreciate the city visit gracefully. Discussing December, remember to stroll through the rich Park Street to go to the best Christmas party in Kolkata! Meanwhile, here’s a short guide to some of the best places to visit in Kolkata, and around it.

1. Shantiniketan

Home to Rabindranath Tagore and his vision as Viswa Bharati University, Shantiniketan is a decent haven near Kolkata, perfect for a winter visit. Do visit the Poush Mela (at the season of Makar Sankranti) which is commended to welcome the spring post winter. Also, pay a visit to the history-stacked presentation corridors and parks in and around Shantiniketan to know more about the lifestyle of the little town.

2. Mukutmanipur

Located at the juncture of the Kangsabati and Kumari waterways, this curious town is an excellent getaway in the Bankura locale of West Bengal. The Mukutmanipur reservoir was developed to supply water to the adjacent agrarian towns. The dam, with encompassing slopes, and a rich green spread to it, is a flawless winter resort for a comfortable and unwinding getaway.

3. Raichak

A conclusive retreat for the weekend to unwind, Raichak is a standout amongst the most adored spots to visit near Kolkata. Arranged on a conduit bend precisely 50 km a long way from Kolkata and 15 km from Diamond Harbor, and masterminded on the Raichak Jetty, this used to be home to a Dutch Fort developed in the eighteenth century. Later, the Radisson group of hotels transformed it over into a superb cabin resort. Walk around in the untainted environment, loosen up and ruin yourself in the resort’s ultra cheeky spa and play some golf in case you wish.

4. Mandarmani

A perfect retreat for the psyche and soul. Truly, this is one beach on the Bay of Bengal that has a moderately shallow waveline, and subsequently one can walk shoeless on the shoreline for a restorative stroll of euphoria. Mandarmani is 170 km from Kolkata and is one of the best spots around the city, ideal for the lovebirds out there.

5. Digha

Believed to be the most amazing shoreline in West Bengal, Digha has the right atmosphere to amp up winter get-away. It is a really dreamlike spot, with plenitude of peaceful vibes around, and makes for that flawless unwinding weekend on the beach. The mornings here are a touch apathetic, however the nighttimes are all that much lovely, particularly in October.

Kolkata is very well connected via air and rail through each and every major city in India. Even the most offbeat places, for instance, to reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands, one need to take a direct Kolkata to Andaman flight from Kolkata itself. So, visit this city of joy and explore your moments of happiness.

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