Food Safety In The Kitchen

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Small exposure to bacteria or viruses can be handled effectively by our immune system. But what happens if the volume increases? Keeping a proper hygiene in the kitchen might render the previous question irrelevant. However, be alert because food poisoning is not a thing to be neglected easily. Pets, people, raw food, and water are serious sources of all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Maintaining proper level of cleanliness in the kitchen is self- evident.

Before starting make sure you have a proper strategy, you know where to start and how to finish. Moreover, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment to achieve excellent and lasting results. Keep your kitchen as clean as you can. You could call cleaning company to help you from time to time. It is really good decision to try upholstery or carpet cleaning.


Make sure you having all the proper tools such as sponges, disposable latex free gloves or multipurpose gloves, cleaners, paper towels, etc. Store them in a bin so you can move them around as it suits you. Keep them in place to avoid searching for them lately.


Make a mind map of your movements and actions around the kitchen. This will save you time and increase productivity. Do not backtrack and clean anything twice. Aim at working from the bottom of the kitchen to the door. Start either clockwise or counter clockwise.

Main Areas

You can divide your kitchen into big areas like cupboards, counter- tops, oven, and sink. These are probably the four main areas in every kitchen. Clean them separately and avoid mixing cleaners as potentially toxic reactions may result. Remember that many heavy- duty cleaners are corrosive, which means that they can ruin the texture of flesh. So it is recommended to use thick rubber gloves.


Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. After you cleaned from the inside, dust on the top of the fridge. If you can, pull the fridge from the wall and clean the space behind it.  

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