5 Methods To Avoid Winter Weight Gain And Maintain Your Body

winter weight loss tips

Yeah, right! You promised yourself not to get fat in winter. Who are you joking, huh? We all know that winter is the season with lots of holidays to celebrate and festivities to attend. Not to mention its chilly freezing cold weather that will definitely increase your craving for a hot cup of chocolate milk that will most certainly lead to weight gain.
One of the mistakes of people around the globe is neglecting their body over the holidays thinking that they’ll just burn it after with those winter weight loss exercises. Pathetic, isn’t it? Even if weight gain varies from every individual, avoiding the belly pouch bag in developing in your tummy is still necessary. Never forget your winter weight loss tips you’ve mastered in preparation for this season.

So how do you really protect yourself from all the winter weight gain that awaits you?

1. Use Smaller Plates.

Due to the increase of heavy-eaters over the past years, the sizes of plates start to adapt a big change. Nowadays, bigger plates are provided in restaurants and occasional gatherings to satisfy the needed space of occupying all kinds of served foods. However, as a part of winter weight loss tips to avoid weight gain, it is advised that you use smaller plates to trick your brain that you have enough food in your plate resulting in lesser food intake as you maintain that fabulous body of yours.

2. Learn To Say No.

No, no, no… NO! Sounds easy, right? But it surely isn’t. Especially if you are at the peak of the moment and you just want to join the feast. You would just throw caution to the wind about gaining weight. Here, you can challenge your discipline. Declining once in a while to avoid overeating isn’t that bad. Believe me, sooner or later, your relatives and friends will understand your reasons and might regret that they didn’t do the same thing.

3. Choose Protein And Fiber Over Anything Else.

Moreover, if there is really no other way of declining and you have no choice but to give in to the feast, then choose foods high in protein and fiber. Protein supports muscle growth and makes you feel full faster while fiber-rich foods, like legumes, can help in suppressing our appetite a little bit longer. As another tip, get yourself some greens on your plate to give smaller or no room for desserts. Doing so will also prevent yourself in overeating. Keep in mind that every feast is not your last meal so you try to save some space in your tummy for the many feasts to come this winter.

4. Never Forget Your Exercises.

Even though it is the best weather for bedtime cuddles and the idea of sweating during the freezing season isn’t a fun idea, you need to find the motivation to ditch that couch potato attitude of yours just for half an hour to complete your fitness regimen. Place your exercise routines at the top of your priority list especially at winter. It will not just shoo away those extra pounds you’re about to gain but also signals your body to circulate good endorphins that prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that is common during the cold months.

5. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption.

What are the holidays without alcohol, right? Of course, you can’t fully avoid alcohol intake over the holidays but you can try your very best and limit it. Mild consumption of alcohol is okay since it can be beneficial when taken in small dosages. However, pushing yourself to the limit and maximizing your alcohol intake won’t do you any good since it only adds up unnecessary calories in your diet. On the other hand, if consuming alcohol is unavoidable, it is advised to drink a glass of water or some diet soda in between your alcohol digestion to allow yourself in diluting those extra calories.

Let’s face it and allow the reality to kick in. Gaining weight over the holidays is as easy-peasy as 123. But the solutions lie in prevention. Staying in shape over the winter season will be the thing you won’t regret doing after the holidays. It is important not to give yourself any excuses to slack off and gain weight. Your motivation and willpower will be your best friends in this phase of your life. Keep in mind that excess fats and weights are much harder to lose than to gain. In the end, you may forget the pain that these weight loss efforts will give you but in the end, you will definitely love the rewards.

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