The Importance Of Using Natural Hair Dyes And Some Of The Best Natural Organic Hair Color

Women like to make themselves look beautiful by adorning extravagant clothes and complement with expensive jewelry and stylish fashion accessories. Apart from the clothes and accessories, women also like to change their appearance, and the most obvious way to do is coloring their hair. Women have got quite an advantage when it comes to hair on the head as compared to men. Women have long and thick hair, which they can style in not one but dozens of different ways. Women and young girls like to cut and style their hair according to popular trends and resembling celebrities and media icons.

Hair coloring or hair dyeing is a common practice that many women to change the natural color of their hair. Many young girls color their hair to make themselves look distinctive and elegant while many women dye their hair to cover some of the gray hairs, which are becoming more pronounced and noticeable. Hair dyeing can also be done to restore the natural color of the hair. The process of dyeing your hair is quite simple and can be done by both you and a professional hair stylist. Many women prefer going to the saloon and let the hair stylist manage the hair coloring. The reasons why many women color their hair quite often are

  • They want to change their looks

It is difficult to change the city you live or the job you do, but it is quite simple to change the color of your hair. Women can choose the hair color according to their skin color and a color that can match the types of clothes they have.

  • Want to follow the fashion trends

Girls in adolescence and even mature women follow their role models and media celebrities and love to imitate their looks.  Many of the women like to color their hair according to a movie or television character that is becoming famous.

  • To hide the gray patches on their forehead

Gray hair usually comes in old age, but some women do get to see some gray hair quite early in their life. The best way to remove the gray hair is to color your hair, either a new fascinating color or the natural color of the existing hair they have.

  • To suit the change in seasons

One common reason for hair color is that women want to give their hair a new look every season. Women usually pick a light color for the summers and a dark color for the winters.

  • Not satisfied with the natural color

Sometimes women are not satisfied by the existing color of their hair and want to try a new color and see if it suits their skin complexion and their personality.

Hair dyeing may be a simple and easy way to add certain touch to your hair, but many hair experts warn women of the damage done to the hair by using chemically produced hair dyes. The simple solution women have to use organic hair color that is made from natural ingredients and has no or little chemical substances. There is quite a difference in conventional hair dyes and organic hair dyes. Ammonia is the common substance in conventional hair dyes that penetrates the hair cuticle and deposits the hair color, but ammonia has the potential to severely damage the natural composition of the hair. Women who have sensitive hair strands should avoid conventional hair dyes and use organic hair colors instead.

The best natural organic hair color is the one which is made from natural ingredients and no or less chemicals. The word organic is the same term which is used to describe organic foods, and it means the botanicals or the plant is grown without the use of any pesticides. Organic hair color is termed as a hair dye that is made from maximum amount of botanicals and least amount of any synthetic chemicals. There are no 100% natural organic hair color apart from henna, but henna usually makes the hair dry and damaged after a little while. The thing women must consider the most while buying a suitable organic hair color from a company is percentage of certain elements such as

  • Pigments
  • Organic ingredients
  • Natural ingredients
  • pH adjuster
  • Naturally derived ingredients

The best organic hair color mostly has removed ammonia from their formula and list of ingredients because ammonia causes skin allergies and respiratory diseases. Apart from the adverse reaction of ammonia, it also has a very pungent smell, which is not pleasant.

Selecting an ammonia free hair color does not ensure healthier hair, and it can still damage the hair. Many of the hair color companies usually use Ethanolamine (MEA) instead of ammonia but in varying quantities. The purpose of both ammonia and Ethanolamine is to raise the pH level of the hair so that the color molecules can easily penetrate the hair cuticles. When there is high quantity in either of ammonia and Ethanolamine then the pH level is altered considerably which will make the hair cuticle unable to shine. The best organic hair color is the one that has a pH adjuster in certain amounts. The permanent hair colors always have some chemicals, but you can choose the one that suits your hair texture and is less damaging. The five best natural organic hair color for your hair include

  1. Madison Reed

There are smaller molecules called micro-pigments that are involved in a simple coloring process, which does not require Madison reed to use ammonia. Nearly all Madison dyes may not be free from small traces of Madison reed, but they do not contain parabens and resorcinol. There are wide range of colors in Madison reed from different shades of blonde and black

  1. Hairprint

Hairprint is one of the natural substances that restore the grey color to its original color, but it is not categorized as a dye. Hairprint is a protein treatment that enhances the strength, color, shine, and texture of the hair and reduces discoloration. Hairprint is a unique formula that works fine with both men and women.

  1. Saach Organics

The Saach Organics are semi-permanent hair dyes that are mostly made from naturally occurring plants and healthy minerals. This hair treatment has a unique combination of plants, herbs, and minerals without any use of any chemicals. The hair color through Saach organics is stable and lasts longer without any side effects.

  1. Logona Herbal Hair Color

Logona herbal hair color is one step hair coloring process that is quite simple and convenient. It is a semi-permanent hair dye available in both powder and cream formulas that remove the grey color and nourishes the hair. This vegan friendly hair color contains organic henna, rhubarb root powder, jojoba seed oil, and a fragrance from essential oil.

  1. Original and mineral

The Original and Mineral is an Australian brand that is a favorite option among models and actresses and one of the few hair treatments with professional grade ammonia and resorcinol that is gentle to scalp, hair, and hands. It has vibrant colors and the shades last longer

Author Bio:

Emilia Anderson is a professional hair stylist who runs her own salon and provides best natural organic hair color. She knows the impact of chemical hair dyes that damage the natural looks and shine of the hair and provide natural hair color treatment.

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