How important is a YouTube thumbnail to reach out to more viewers?

Being a social media influencer, you know how important it is to not remain limited to a particular social media platform. If you want to influence the world and you want people to follow you then you should definitely broaden your horizon.

Majority of the social media influencer starts their journey through YouTube by uploading on the platform. It is true that YouTube has millions of active users from various parts of the world. But, recently it was statistically found that there are twice more active users on Facebook as compared to YouTube. So, if you get an opportunity to connect with a larger scale of audience, then why do you want to limit yourself to YouTube specifically?

When you upload your content on YouTube, do not forget to attach your social media handles in the description box of your YouTube video. On doing this, your fans will get access to all your content shared on various platforms and with the maximum number of shares, you will be able to reach out to a lot of people at once. So, if you want to share your content on Facebook as well then you do not need to upload them separately on two social media platforms.

You can simply share the video from YouTube to Facebook by converting the video through a YouTube to Facebook converter. This converter is available for free on various websites which will convert your video making it compatible as per Facebook’s guidelines. All you have to do is upload the link of your YouTube’s video on the website and within a few seconds, you will receive a new link. This new link is of your converted video which you need to post on your FB timeline.

So, when your Facebook friends click on the link, they will be auto-redirected to your YouTube channel. In that way, your YouTube’s video will gain organic views and you might gain quite a number of subscribers.

Another important thing, which you must remember while converting video is the thumbnail. In YouTube, so smaller thumbnails work perfectly because of the smaller window which contains video content only. But on a Facebook window, content is varied thus, to catch the attention of your audience you will require a larger thumbnail image with a better pixel quality. Not many of you are aware of the exact thumbnail size requirement for Facebook. So, in such a case you can use the YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator tool.

You only have to copy and paste the link of your video’s address and feed in the title and the description of the video as you want it to be. You can also upload a customised thumbnail image from your drive or you can put an originally captured image from your video. As you are done uploading the picture, click on convert and the thumbnail will be generated as per Facebook’s guidelines. The thumbnail will also have a large play button attached to it for easier access for all your viewers!

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