4 Differences Between Pocket Bikes and Super Pocket Bikes

4 Differences Between Pocket Bikes and Super Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes usually are smaller, more nimble versions of regular racing bikes and are mostly used as practice bikes to gear up for the big ones later! Racing competitions are held specifically for pocket bikes around the world and many racing enthusiasts take part in it to pave a way for their successful racing career!  

Other than that, a pocket bike serves as a perfect gift for children and teens alike. Though they are not street legal, one can ride a pocket bike on a track or on a house pavement with the owner’s permission only.

While there are a number of variants of pocket bikes to make you scratch you head, they are broadly categorized into pocket bikes and super pocket bikes, which emerged as a new trend in pocket bikes. Some of the notable differences of pocket bikes and super pocket bikes are listed below –   

  • Engine

The main difference between a pocket bike and a super pocket bike is it’s engine size. A pocket bike’s engine size normally ranges between 50cc to 100cc and is 2-stroke. While a super pocket bike’s engine is quite bigger, usually starting from 150cc. A 150cc super pocket bike engine usually runs on a larger 4-stroke engine, which brings us to the next notable difference between these bikes…..

  • Top Speed & Acceleration

A smaller 2-stroke engine in a pocket bike produces more torque, providing the bike with more acceleration than super pocket bikes. The bigger 4-strokes engine in a super pocket bike loses out in acceleration but when it comes to top speed, 2-stroke engines come no way near them! If you are purchasing a 150cc super pocket bike for racing it on the track, consider these two important racing factors according to your riding style.

  • Maneuverability

Super pocket bikes are a bit heavier and are a bit bigger in size than pocket bikes which affects its maneuverability. Though the difference is not much, pocket bikes are lighter and smaller because they are optimized for track racing, so if you are looking for a pocket bike for purely racing purposes, opt for a pocket bike as they are lighter and are better at turning then 150cc super pocket bikes.

Additional Features

Since pocket bikes are optimized for racing and usually strive to be lighter, they don’t come with features that you’d expect from a bike like headlights, taillights, horn and electric starters. Super pocket bikes, on the other hand, are pretty well equipped with all of these bells & whistles making them the perfect option if you are looking to gift one to your child.

Whether you are buying a pocket bike to race on the track or to gift it to your loved one, consider these differences between pocket bikes and 150cc super pocket bikes to better evaluate your buying decision.

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