The Essentials Of A Profitable Freelance Business

The Essentials Of A Profitable Freelance Business

When we think of freelancing, many of us picture having to work your hours, working in your pj’s, and having enough free time to do whatever else, you would like to do. While this is true, it takes time, hard work and effort to get there. Many people are turning towards freelancing as a means of earning extra income or as their primary source of income.

It has the possibility of becoming a lucrative venture, only if you put your best foot forward. In the US alone, it is estimated that 34% of its workforce is in freelancing and according to predictions, the figure will still grow. The same applies to other countries around the world.

Whether you would like to offer writing, graphic design, typing service , or any other type of service as a freelancer, for your business to be successful, you should have or be working towards having the below essentials:

Choose a Niche

Upon approaching a potential client, the first probable question they will ask will touch on what you do. So, what do you do? You should find and choose a niche of what interests you. Don’t just give a name in response, e.g., professional typing services.

Elaborate on what you do. It is a way to provide clarity to the clients on what you do. Is it something that people may pay you for your services? It shouldn’t merely be what interests you.

Curate a Portfolio

Not many people can take chances on a newbie, though we all start from somewhere. It is, therefore, vital for you to get experience in your field. It doesn’t have to span decades, even, a few months are good.

As you make a portfolio, always go for those projects that will communicate value to your potential customers. It should appeal and match the client’s quality that they are looking for. Choose your best works.

Build your Brand

Your brand identity is what defines you. Clients will decide whether or not to work with you based on this. You may need to create a website and a blog. Your site is the first visual impression that clients will have, of your business.

It should reflect who you are. You can hire those with expertise in creating and designing a website. However, there are development tools that you can use. For the blog, if you cannot create the content on your own, you can find someone who can.

Have a Content Strategy

You will have to be producing material, at least on a weekly basis. It will not only help to position you as a leader in the particular field but will it will act as a continuing education program for the business. It could be writing articles, creating videos, or publishing e-books.

You can list all that you have to do in a spreadsheet and outline what is needed to achieve each task, and set deadlines.


To grow your typing companies or any other freelancing gig, you have to network. Understand who your potential clients are how your services may be of help to them. Familiarize yourself with their needs and frustrations.

Go to events where you can meet and engage them. Income for most freelancers depends on the gigs they secure. Mostly long-term projects or recurring work, offer great prospects to a freelancer.


Before you leave your office job, you have to understand the essentials of freelancing. It will require your time and efforts. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

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