How Can You Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Foods?

How Can You Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Foods?

Kids are too tough to handle especially when it comes to food. They always find ways to avoid it, in fact, make numerous plans to do so. Mothers constantly have to coax them to eat but still they don’t. There are a certain number of kids who have issues like acid reflux and constipation, so they prefer not to eat while some of them have weak oral-motor skills, so they are unable to digest their food. However, among these kids, lie the most notorious lot—the picky-eaters who are tactile defensive and eat only what they love. They believe in tastes and a texture to a point that they eat all that satisfies their taste buds. They always expect you to microwave corn-dogs and mix up big bowls of Cheese and Mac for them. The real challenge lies in convincing this lot to eat healthy foods. Below is a list of ideas that you can try to instill healthy eating habits in your kids.

Present food in a creative way

Kids are not mature enough to understand what is good for their health and what is not, so try to work on the presentation of food. It will cajole them to eat it. For instance, if you want them to eat fruits and vegetables, present them in the form of kebabs by cutting different fruits and vegetables and them threading them onto the plastic or wooden skewers. Make sure to remove the skewers once they eat it. Try to make Apple and Grape Cars by placing toothpicks on the top of apple slices and sliding grapes onto the plate. Kiwi and Banana Palm Tree is also a good option since you have to place kiwi slices on the top of a peeled banana, and you are done. Solar System Plate is also a good idea. All you have to do is to all the fruits in a platter with respect to the order of the sun and planets.

Be Aware of the Allergies

Children are often allergic to certain foods but parents, unknowingly, force children to eat such foods, which makes them aversive towards eating. Therefore, stay aware of the foods that are not good for your children and avoid them, otherwise, they will stop eating permanently and you will regret for the rest of your life. Always plan ahead and take special precautions while preparing your food. Make sure that your menu doesn’t affect the health of your children.

Make a connection between food and your child’s favorite objects

Try to choose foods that have a certain connection with any object your child loves to play with. For example, if your child admires Bugs Bunny, make something out of a carrot. Similarly, if your child adores Popeye the sailor man, cook something where you can incorporate spinach in an ample amount. It will not only provoke your child to eat food but will also provide him all the necessary nutrients required for him.

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