Diet According To Your Lifestyle

We will give you some tips that will help you develop a program of food depending on the lifestyle.

If you’re stressed

Eat foods rich in vitamin B, which regulates the nervous system. A slice of beef liver, a bowl of green vegetables, a piece of tuna or salmon, and seafood can save you of devastating effects of stress. You can also crunch a punch of peanuts, nuts, because are the fruits with highest magnesium content, the main enemy to stress.

If you’re depressed

Eat cereals and pulses (peas, beans) or do a banana diet, which stimulates production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

If you are frozen out

Eat in this case grated carrots with broccoli or tomatoes. Do not forget the onion and garlic, which are some excellent.

If you are constipated

Eat more bread (3-4 slices and 50 grams daily) and strive to eat, also more apples and yogurt.

If you want to sleep well

In this case, avoid foods rich in tritofan, an acid as serotonin, a natural tranquilizer true. It is found in eggs, milk and in oily fish, bananas and chicken. Do not hesitate to eat plenty of full grain (rich in vitamin B6). Evening, drink a glass of warm milk, sweetened with two spoons of honey.

If you’re expecting your period

Opt for foods rich in vitamin B (grain, soybeans, wheat, spinach), which prevent water retention and participate in certain hormones (especially estrogen) in the liver. During your period, eat more beets, black and red meat, iron-rich. And take vitamin C meals, because are efficient in iron intake.

If you have migraines during car journeys

To get rid of car sickness, chew a lemon.

If you want to stay awake

Drink a lemon or orange juice at 18.00 and eat a protein rich meal. For example, you cook a steak, a fried omelet.

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