Secrets Of Wages Protection System Uncovered

Secrets Of Wages Protection System Uncovered

In the Arab countries, a right payment method is absent. The labors of UAE are the most of them who used to face this sort of issues. But, to facilitate them some relief, WPS (Wage Protection System) is initiated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and QCB. Under this, all private sector workers will be paid their salary via the online banking system. Qatari currency will be the preferred mode.

A few rules are mentioned by the government after which, a company can join this platform and bestow the services to their labors. For example, the company must be registered under the Ministry of Labor; the company should have a genuine bank account. The registration form must also be filled completely to be a part of this system.

But there are many chances that a company may non-compliance the rules and principles of the WPS system. For that then need to face the consequences like hefty amount of fine, imprisonment. The worst case may include visa restrictions over the company. The secrets of WPS are not hidden anymore. All the knowledge of this system is elaborated in a visual format. Check out the infographic that depicts in depth information about this system.

Secrets Of Wages Protection System Uncovered

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