My Thoughts on Lazarus’s Cognitive-Mediational Theory

The emotion that I am going to choose to write about is a bit of a mixture, because it is a situation that occurred just tonight and it is the one that is the most fresh in my mind. I experienced a wide range of emotions, and expressed them in many different ways. I experienced anger, rejection, pain, inadequacy, embarrassment, and a sense of self-righteousness all within a two second time frame. How did I react to that situation? At first, I tried talking it out, then my family started throwing accusations around saying I’m not capable of being a mother and a student and that I should just give up. So I stood up for myself because I was angry. Yes, I will admit that I yelled also. I have a lot going on, and their lack of support and understanding really hurt me deeply. My reaction immediately after yelling was to start crying when they all started laughing in my face. Then I walked out of the house and called my boyfriend.

I believe that there is merit to all of the theories; however, the one that I believe shows the most promise in my opinion is Lazarus’s Cognitive-Mediational Theory. I strongly believe that this is what happened because I chose how to interpret what they said, chose how to react to it, and then reacted. In other words, I thought about my actions first, even though I didn’t give much thought to them, if you know what I mean.

I am a person that is driven by perspectives. Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so! Through the beliefs that we hold, and what conformity has molded us into, or perhaps the rebellion that has set us apart from the rest, it is of no matter. None of it matters unless we BELIEVE it matters. If you look at something from a different angle, or another person’s point of view, your perspective could very easily be changed, just as mine was. After the fact, I went back and apologized and left my family’s house on a much lighter note. Now that I have thoroughly exceeded the writing limitations, I shall come to a close.

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