Some Preventive Measures For Skin Cancer Everybody Should Remember

Some Preventive Measures For Skin Cancer Everybody Should Remember

Cancer is one of the harshest diseases that not only make the sufferer to undergo mental agony and financial hardship but also make loved one suffer equally. Prevention and early detection of cancer is cheaper than treating its consequences. There are certain myths about cancer like there are no signs of cancer whereas our system warns us which we neglect probably due lack of knowledge and awareness. Secondly majority people think we cannot do anything to prevent cancer but the fact is that we can prevent it by improving our life style and habits.

Cost of skin Cancer treatment in india is usually high so its better to take prevention than to spend money on cure.

It is utmost important to know what is prevention? Prevention of cancer means the steps taken to lower the risk of skin cancer in the population or the community, to deal with the skin cancer scientist look at risk factors and protective factors for example exposure to ultraviolet rays and family history are contributory to skin cancer but we can avoid exposure to UV rays to prevent skin cancer but it may not be possible to avoid genetic conditions.

Preventive measures

We can lower the risk of skin cancer by taking following preventing measures:-

1 Avoid exposure to UV rays by avoiding the sun between 11am to 3 pm when the sun rays are the strongest.

2 Wear Protective Clothing:- Cover your body like arms, legs, wear sun glasses and hat on the head to avoid exposure of your body parts to the sun light to prevent risk factors.

3  Wearing of sun screens;- apply sun cream at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun, make sure that the sun cream you use protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

4 Avoid Sun Beds:- Sun beds give out harmful UV rays that damage the skin and make it look older and wrinkled. The UV rays from sun beds can damage the DNA of your skin cells. International Agency for Research on Cancer admits that there is ample evidence that using sun beds causes Melanoma skin Cancer which is the most serious form.

5 Use extra caution near water, snow and sand:- You should be very cautious while near these surfaces which reflects the damaging rays of the sun and can badly effect your tender skin.

6 Take Healthy Diet Rich in Vitamin D:- Prevention is better than cure so  include items in your diet which are source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very useful to keep your skin healthy and prevent skin cancer. Vitamin D supplements are also advised.

7 Regular Examination of Your Skin;- Early detection of Melanoma Skin cancer can save you hence it is recommended to examine your skin regularly and visit your dermatologist periodically to evaluate the new changing spots.

8 Care of Moles:- if your skin carry more number of moles these must be examined regularly for any suspicious changes which at later stage might be the cause of skin cancer.

Last but not the least visit your doctor as when you notice any change in your skin. It is not necessarily all changes leads to skin cancer but your doctor will investigate and advise you accordingly. Cost of skin Cancer treatment in india can easily be known by checking websites.

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