How To Find Innovative Antique Fireplace Mantels Ideas?

It is a well known fact that fire place enhances the appearance of our living rooms by many notches. For instance, the mantle for the structure can be in bold colors to emphasize the contemporary theme. Neon theme can be a wonderful embellishment for the homeowners; however, there are also other options available for them.

One of the best Antique fireplace mantels ideas includes Rustic wow appearance popular among the majority of the people. Discarded wooden planks that can branch off to the ceiling provide a rural appearance to the sitting room. When the iron and copper accents are mixed with the wood, they provide awesome results to the users. You can use the design form not only in a classic home but also contemporary villas or bungalows.

How To Find Innovative Antique Fireplace Mantels Ideas?

Using your Creative Ideas

Antique fireplace mantels ideas can never be completed without mentioning the retro reflections as mirrors are placed above the mantel to make it appear attractive. It goes a long way in providing sufficient space. Black wall suits well with the white marble and the brick fireplace for a wonderful vintage style. Lased with white colors, the whole appearance transforms people into the medieval era of aristocracy. If you have a limited space in the sitting room, a small sized mantel is a wise alternative because it will make the ambience appear different and attractive. You can place an artwork or painting above to increase the apparent height of the room. In a nutshell, it is possible to add a bit of personality and zing to the fire place without much hassle.

Mantle designs can be highlighted with the help of series of mirrors stuffed around the structure and pops of pink that will make them appear unique. Aesthetic design plays an instrumental role to increase resale value of the house after a period of time. Sometimes welded steel mantel can provided contemporary appearance to the sitting room. It is important to create a five sided box using the hard plywood. It is fixed on to the wall with the help of heavy duty anchors. Sheet metal is cut to different sizes and buffed to provide rounded sleek appearance. Mantels made of wood and stone are also in demand as they impart vintage appearance to the home. Excellent wooden slabs are used to build the structure that appear stylish and last for a long time. Wood consists of different grains and it can be selected by the users based on their individual preferences.

The wooden finishing is absolutely top class as the uneven shape of the wood can be smoothed out in an easy and hassle free manner. A sculptural edge is created all round the mantel to impart an artistic look. Wood has to be maintained on a regular basis so that it can last for a significant amount of time and can withstand rough usage. Creating the mantel is a difficult and expensive task; therefore, you should find capable artisans who can complete the job according to the requirements and specifications.

Swan oak material reminds people of the Victorian style fire place which was in fashion in the late 19th century. Oak is covered with dark color and is accentuated by the presence of the mirror. It reflects more light and also provides ample space to the users. The appearance of traditional homes might get a huge fillip due to the presence of mahogany wood to create the mantel. As it is red in color, it imparts masculinity and adds aura of the fire place. Since the design has heavy appearance, artisans cannot experience a lot with customizations.

Hope the above mentioned details help you to find antique fireplace mantels! Keep in touch to get further essential information about Victorian furniture.

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