Home Improvements That Can Make Senior Life Easier

When aging, it is time to start thinking about home improvements that will make life easier in the future. The good news is there are many different options that are now available. Technology evolved and there are many specialist senior living architects that can be contacted when help is needed with such changes.

There is absolutely no shortage of available home improvement renovations that are going to help make life easier. Out of the many different modifications possible, we chose those that are highly effective and wanted by most seniors that have mobility problems.

Home Monitoring Services

These do not help increase mobility but they do allow everyone to worry a lot less about the elderly person that lives at home alone. There are many smart homes nowadays that have burglar alarms, carbon monoxide detection and fire alarms. A new addition to consider is the in-home monitoring system devised for seniors. Look for service providers that are specialized in this and you will quickly notice that there are more options available than what you may initially have thought.

Walk-In Bahtubs

They are particularly helpful for the seniors that find it difficult to get in and out of a bathtub. However, it is important to think about it before you actually buy one. Because of the fact that the senior has to get inside the tub, then shut the door and turn on the water, it is possible that taking a bath simply ends up being hard to enjoy. This is because the senior might end up sitting inside the bathtub and waiting for water to fill it.

Wider Doors

This is something that is sometimes necessary in the event that the senior has to move throughout the home while in a wheelchair. Widening a door can be expensive but as a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay at least $200 for one door.

Stair Lifts

There are so many stair lifts that are available right now, with most being under $3,000. However, there are also models that are more expensive than $10,000. Besides this, the home owner needs to also think about installation. This is a project that the home owner cannot do alone, unless building knowledge is available.

Disability Ramps

When there is a parent that is bound to the wheelchair or there is a possibility that this is going to happen, the disability ramp has to be considered. Based on size and other factors, price can be as high as $2,000.

Bathroom Grab Bars

Such bars are put inside the bathtub and close to the toilet. The senior uses them to allow better mobility. The great thing about such an improvement is that cost can be just around $20. There are also different special commode units that already have handles added over existing toilets. In this case the cost is just $40.

Lever-Style Doorknobs

This is another very cheap and easy to implement home improvement. The round doorknobs can be changed to the lever-style handles. Costs are low, with just around $15 per one handle changed.

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