Texas Tech University: Research Grade Institution Offers Nationally Renowned, Lesser Known Programs

Texas Tech University: Research Grade Institution Offers Nationally Renowned, Lesser Known Programs

Texas Tech University, undeniably best known for its 2005 Cotton Bowl Appearance, remains a staple of higher education in the South Plains Region of Texas. First incorporated as Texas Technological College, Texas Tech fosters a wider variety curriculum than most state schools and a large city, while still retaining the mystique and intimacy of a small West Texas town. Some of the programs which have achieved national recognition include but are not limited to:

Texas Tech Center for Addictive and Recovery Studies – in the current Federal Financial Aid system, any student who has be convicted of a drug charge on either the state or local level is not eligible for federal financial aid. All other crimes do not exclude students from reaping the benefits of federal financial aid. The Center, however, has begun offering complete tuition coverage according to income and financial aid eligibility guidelines for students who have recieved convictions, but volunteer to take part in subjective survey studies and pledge by use of advocacy agencies such as Narcotics Anonymous, to remain drug free. Texas Tech initiated the concept and the program, and it remains the only program of its kind nation wide.

Texas Tech University School of Law – with the number of law students exponentially increasing every year (1 for every 3 clients by 2020), TTU School of Law offers an intimate classroom setting, with class sizes ranging to no more that 70 students, in which nationally renowned professors, graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious legal education institutions, instructing on the intracacies of law. TTU Law typically out performs other law schools as far as the Texas Bar Examination is concerned, and remains a staple in the South Plains/West Texas communities.

Although some may prefer much larger scale, and local state universities, equal consideration should be given to TTU. More information can be recieved by visiting the TTU website at http://www.ttu.edu.

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