Building Wealth Through Education

Building Wealth Through Education

Everyone knows the value of a good education. It open the doors to endless oportunities and helps you build wealth and navigate a successful life style. People who have a college education earns exponentially more over high school or college dropouts. Unless, of course, you are a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs college dropouts, both multibillionaires in the computer and software industry, and the reason you are reading this article today.

A a good education to build wealth is not necessarily an expensive one. Bill Gates, a Harvard drop out, and Steve Jobs, a Reed College drop out, both had solid foundations of what is needed to become successful entreprenuers. Dedication, perserverance, good concepts of needed viable products, and a love and passion for what they were doing. These traits are universal for inventors. They are are the same driving forces that lead George Washington Carver to his numerous inventions.

Both Bill and Steve, had the tenacity to believe in their Apple and Microsoft products and work endless hours in their garage learning and developing their innovative skills. But, most important they both were not afraid of learning and each had the ability to read, write and decipher intricate details to meet the market trends of creating products for an information age. An education provided them with the ability to create unparallel opportunities in computer product designs and developments.

Bill Gates, the son of a prominent lawyer, probably had it much easier than Steve Jobs. At least Bill, with Microsoft now holding over 6000 patents, probably didn’t have to worry about the expense of a lawyer in earlier days. Steve, on the other hand, came from an average adopted family and dropped out of Reed College because he felt that the heavy expense it imposed on his adopted family was too great. In Steve’s 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University, he tell of how he would trade in bottles for cash and enjoyed walking seven miled each Sunday to a Christian Center to enjoy one meal a week, He loves those days.

When Steve dropped out of Reed College, he continued his education and learning process by taking calligraphy classes he loved and later “connected the dots” by incorporating the style into his first Apple Computer. If you watch his You-Tube presentation when he unveiled the first Macintosh computer whose application was so simple you would laugh now, however, the proud look on Steve’s face is indellible.

Today, and billions of dollars later, when you see the numerous sophisticated Apple computers softwares, ipods, itunes, all the products that makes our lives more enjoyable you are compelled to posed Oprah’s compeling question “What Is This Here To Teach Me.” For all you who are deliberating over continuing your educational process,or starting a homebase business learn from the lives of successful people

You dont have to aspire to make billions or even millions, however, to become successful in any field, to accumulate wealth and save time, learn from successful people. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs teaches us that knowledge, learning and education is cumulative.

Each time you acquire a learning skill, complete a task, or design a product successfully, it builds a long term foundation for building wealth. Any learning process gives you a competitive edge and makes learning another skill, completing another task or or designing another product, much, much easier.

Today, thanks to Mr. Gates and Steve Jobs with online marketing and computer techonology it much easier to set up a business than just ten years ago. You dont have to worry about commericial space, and software obviates the need for secretarial help. Most of us already own computers so our biggest expense is already eliminated. However, from business standpoint, if you are investing in computer hardware for a homebase business, from my experience i would make my initial investment in an expensive Apple computer with expansive memory along with additional software from microsoft.

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