How to Become Successful Game Masters in Pen and Dice RPGs?

Pen and dice RPG still has a lot of fans in some countries. One of the most important persons in these games are the game masters. A game master in a pen and dice RPG session needs to assume multiple roles, as referee, story teller and ordinary player. They need to be very proficient with the game and know about the how-to’s related to the game. The also need to understand the functions and roles associated with these games. RPG is a wonderful thing to play when there are a group of people know how to properly proceed with the game mechanics. Even beginners can quickly join the game if they are guided by game masters. GM needs to know how they are able to properly preside over the rules and game systems. They need to be able to maintain the illusion that the game is real. GM should also be aware of the possible situations that can happen during the game and they need to be ready to deal with it. They should be at least decent in delivering descriptive narrations, as well as doing some voice acting whenever necessary. There are different tools that can aid GM during a RPG session. It is considered ideal if game masters have become ordinary players for a number of sessions. This will allow them to understand all the nuts and bolts of the gameplay. They should also be familiar with the back story or the descriptive history. They should be able to provide step by step guides for players who are not familiar with the game mechanics. There are different factors, such as movements, combats and achievements that need to be properly regulated by the game masters.

Game masters should have an all encompassing vision when managing the RPG session. They should make sure that players are able to grasp the rule systems, such as item usages, reference tables and die rolls. This is an important fact, if game masters want to be more successful during the gameplay. Game masters should also be able to use their imagination to properly make the RPG session more interesting for all players and this often means that they should have proper verbal skills. It is also a good thing to avoid making the RPG session feels like heavily scripted. Scenarios should be designed to feel like free flowing. There should be more decisions that players can take. Sometimes, it is a good thing if players want to deviate from the scenario, as long as the tools and rules are able to support that decision. Players can experiment by making a number deviations until they are no longer supported by the rules. As an example, a character may go to a city not included in current scenario to purchase unique items. Regardless of the deviations, it is important that game masters are able to guide people back on track and achieve the goal of the scenario.

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