Guide To The Latest Pin Header Connectors

Pin Header is a type of electrical connector, the connector is widely used in electronics or instrumentation PCB (Print Circuit Board) function as a bridge between two PCBs that were blocked, and are used to make the current or signal transmission.

When the male connector coupled connectors header (female header is called “header connector”) called board to board connection.


1. Pitch refers to the distance or space between the two pins in the electronic community.

a) 2.54mm (.100 ”) incidentally inch (used normally and widely)

b) 2.00mm (.079 ”) incidentally inch (used widely)

c) 1.27mm (.050 ”) incidentally inch (used also)

d) 1.00mm (.039 ”) incidentally inches (for small device)

e) 0.80mm (.032 ”) incidentally inches (for the smallest device)

2. Number of rows:

a) Only row

b) Dual rows

c) Triple rows

d) Quad rows

3. Pins:

The pins for each row are generally dependent on the pitch. Standard pitch such as 2.54 mm and 2.0 mm has pins 2-40, and smaller pitch as 1.27 mm and 1.0 mm has 2-50 contacts per row. Sometimes there are special mold can make more than 40-pin or 50-pin connector.

4. Version

a) Straight (Dip or Vertical)

b) Right angle (90 degrees)

c) SMT (surface mount, SMD)

5. Materials:

a) Brass

b) Phosphor, bronze

c) Beryllium copper alloy

For plating materials:

d) Gold (Au) silver (flashing surface)

e) Tin Chapado (main materials plating)

f) Nickel (Ni) plating (under plating)

6. Package:

a) Poly-bag or Box: generally for goods not easy to break.

b) Tube: It is a good option for right angle and SMT version.

c) Tape and Roll: for automatic assembly machine.

7. Production process:

a) Choose brass or phosphor bronze to produce the (metal contact pin) pin

b) Pin plating according to customer requirement.

c) Machining of the insulating part by mold.

d) Use the computer to insert (mount) pins insulation.

e) Factors affecting prices of male connectors:

There are many factors that can affect the price of pins, such as the price of materials and labour costs. The main factors are mostly surface coating (flash) and the length of the pins. As gold is expensive than tinned, and the length of 11.4mm is cheaper than 20 mm.

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