Outdoor Branding: 3 Different Types Of Outdoor Banners and Their Benefits

Outdoor Branding: 3 Different Types Of Outdoor Banners and Their Benefits

Hands up if you have ever considered using outdoor banners for promotional purposes? Most businesses have thought about it, proving that the medium is still popular even in the days of the internet and online marketing. But in order to be effective, outdoor banners must be well designed and impactful. The type of banner you choose affects how successful your promotional campaign will be. Here are some ideas for choosing the best banner for your individual needs.

1. Pull-Up and Roller Banners:

When you are looking for a versatile and cost effective banner solution, pull up banners and roller banners are ideal. As the name suggests, you use this banner by pulling or rolling the banner up from its base, to hook the banner into a fixing at the top of the pole. Good quality roller banners are lightweight, extremely portable, and professional in finish, making them perfect for exhibitions and events. Many come with their own carrying bag so that the banner doesn’t get damaged in transit. You can, of course, print whatever design and text you choose on a roller or pull-up banner. The benefits of this type of banner include being able to easily transport your promotional message to a variety of locations, thereby maximising exposure to your company and brand.

2. Pop-Up Banners:

Another convenient and professional solution for trade shows and events, pop up banners are easily retractable and can be set up wherever you have space, or wherever you need people’s attention. Cost effective pop up banners from a supplier like www.eazy-print.com can be manufactured according to your specifications and design. When designing your banner there are countless ways to make an impact.

3. Banner Stands:

Banner stands are also a popular choice for trade shows and exhibitions as they come with a built-in support stand and can be larger than pop up or pull up banners. These banners are also good for display at outdoor events. Make sure you choose a sturdy material and a good quality shape and design in order to ensure the banner lasts and can withstand the rigours of display outside.

Benefits of Banners for Promotion:

Banners could prove to be the cost effective solution for your display needs. It doesn’t cost much for a professional banner printing service, and pvc banners are cost effective and good quality. You can save a lot of money out of your promotional budget by purchasing some banners from a specialist retailer. Banners are also versatile and can be designed to display exactly what you want – personalised banners help to promote your business and can be tailored to your needs. And if you choose wisely, outdoor and indoor banners are durable and long-lasting, giving you even more for your money. The most popular fabrics, PVC, vinyl, and mesh, are all designed to stand for long periods of time without fading or tearing.

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