How To Visually Widen The Walls In A Narrow Room

Decorating a small room is tricky as it’s easy to overwhelm it with furniture and decorative items. However, the job becomes easier if you can adorn the walls the right way. Walls set the background of a room, so if you can widen them up visually, the rest of the room won’t look congested.

Keep the Walls Neutral

How To Visually Widen The Walls In A Narrow Room

Many people love to paint their room in dark colors. They definitely create a rich, elegant impression but they are just not the right choice for a small room. You will feel claustrophobic in a small bedroom where everything from the walls to furnishings and flooring is dark.

Paint the walls in light or neutral colors if you want the room to look bigger. Pale shades of blue, gray, or green are an excellent choice for the walls, and they will also make you feel comfortable. You can even go for cream or off-white to create a bright and airy feel.

However, don’t forget to use accessories or accent colors to save the place from being dull and boring. Cushions, rugs, lamps, graphic prints, floral arrangements, etc. to bring an edge of vibrancy into the neutral space.

Keep the Walls Uncluttered

How To Visually Widen The Walls In A Narrow Room

Clutter is as equal a mess-maker as dark paint for a small room. The walls should be as open and uncluttered as possible. Otherwise, you’ll feel like the place is closing on you. You may keep one or two posters, painting, or a sculpting piece, and that’s all. Don’t clutter the wall space.

Horizontal Wainscoting

How To Visually Widen The Walls In A Narrow Room

Wainscoting is an attractive wall fixture that is used for both decorative and architectural purposes. However, when we use beadboard wainscoting design or wooden panels, we choose to install them vertically. It’s all right for a big room. However, the grooves stretching around in a horizontal style will stretch the space visually and make it feel larger than it is.

If you can extend the horizontal paneling to the ceiling, even an attic room won’t look claustrophobic. The straight wall and ceiling planks in the room will reinforce an open space feeling. Use lighting fixtures, plants, vases, or other accent pieces so that the room doesn’t look tedious.

In both the cases, you can paint the wainscoting a few shades darker than the walls or in a contrasting color to ground the place. If the fixture appears different from the walls, it will create a refreshed look. Besides, horizontal placement has its own distinctive style and feels more contemporary.

Mirrors on the Walls

Mirrors reflect illumination for any lighting source. So, installing a mirror wall or hanging mirrors on a wall will help to chase away shadows. They visually widen up a place by creating an impression of additional space and doubling up the available light. So, you can complement them by pairing them up with strategically placed hanging pendants, wall sconces, or accent lighting.

A good place to use a mirror on the wall is above the headboard in the bedroom. Such an addition will open up the room by making it appear almost double to the original size and add a significant amount of depth. If you can’t afford a wall-to-wall mirror, just hang an oversized one. It will create the same charming and magical effect.

Some people may think of using small framed mirrors and creating a gallery-style on the walls. While it’s a lovely décor idea, it does not go with the concept of small room decoration. So many small mirrors will make the wall look busy. So, the room will look more cluttered and less airy. Your best option is using either an oversized mirror or a wall-to-wall version.

Decorating a small space is highly challenging. However, you can consider the task half done if you can keep the walls visually open by applying these tricks. These décor ideas will create an impression of space and thereby the room will feel less chaotic.

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