Sony Xperia Z4 Coming Next World Mobile Congress

Sony Xperia Z4 Coming Next World Mobile Congress

Sony Xperia Z3 made its entry with Android 4.5 operating system, 3GB RAM, IPS LCD screen along with 1920x1080p resolution, Li-on 3200mAh battery and on peak of all, its spectacular rear camera of 20.7MP LED along with backside illuminated sensor. Have a look at rumors for getting an idea about the features, which may be supposed in next generation Sony Xperia Z4. The main thing that is truly mentionable about this upcoming device is the curved display. In fact, the Smartphone’s, which have curved display, are the latest trend in the marketplace. Samsung and LG have previously launched mobile devices with curved display. Though, those mobile devices fall into the category of high price, and therefore, a huge section of consumers were not concerned with them.


It is rumored that Sony might lower the price. Based on the some sources, the device might cost as much as 700 dollars without an agreement, identical as Sony Xperia Z1. When it comes to pricing, the next Z series would be more economical than iPhone 6. Though, if Sony might make the price 500 dollars without an agreement, this Smartphone will create an extraordinary business. The next Z series Smartphone might have multi specifications like octa core 2.5 GHz processor, the resistance of water and dust, 5.5’’ IPS display with resolution of 2K, 4GB RAM and camera sensor of 23.7MP.

Camera Features

The noticeable feature in Xperia Z3 is camera sensor of 20.7MP along with pulsed LED flash. But it is rumored that Sony may enhance the camera in upcoming Z series device. If next Z series certainly release with camera of 23.7MP, the mobile device would posse’s ultra sensitivity for deeming light and ability of recording 4K native resolution. Updated technology. This device might have a perfect gadget to have, for those users, who are interested to record videos and watch later on. Additionally, the camera will possess all the cutting side features like optical image stabilization, G lens, optical image zoom 6x and CMOS image sensor. The device might also have included screen display, MicroUSB 3.0, Wi-Fi dual band, quick camera capture, amazing graphics and tri-luminous display.

There are 3 possibilities that Xperia Z4 might arrive with Android 5.0 operating system. Well, the story is just started about next release of Sony device and this time Sony will meet the expectations of Sony fans for sure. Sony is one of the first brand evolving from the bird of Smartphones and now it seems like other brands has overcome it. But no doubt, Sony will show the real Sony to the world with upcoming release.

The next Mobile World Congress 2015 might be very interesting as lots of brands are going to share the massive smartphone, HTC One M9, Galaxy S6 and LG G4 are top of the list and these all smartphone will also make their entry at the time of launch of Sony Xperia Z4. Let’s wait and watch for the real battle of smartphone in 2015.

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