5 Tips To Recover The Skin After The Summer

5 Tips To Recover The Skin After The Summer

After summer comes the return home, return to work, the routine … In our memory remain good memories and happy moments in our skin and we may see the imprint of the summer in excess … as spots, irregular tan after a little more than recommended intense exposure to the sun, drying or flaking. Maintain a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables and increase the intake of protein in adults.

Prevent the return is not so hard in the mirror, is hopeless with these 5 tips to recover the skin after the summer. No doubt that is best found inside, when the outside looks better.

5 Tips to Recover a Silky, Flawless Skin

1. Deep Peel

The surface cells of the epidermis are the hardest hit during the summer by exposure to sunlight. By removing the layer of dead skin cells with an exfoliation that serves, first, to remove dead cells, and secondly, helps regenerate the skin. Manual exfoliation or peeling will also get a tan it is brighter and more uniform look.

5 Tips To Recover The Skin After The Summer

2. Hydration Plus

It is normal to notice the dry skin around holidays, and therefore both must rehydrate facial skin as the body. The recommendation is to use a moisturizing serum for the face, containing hyaluronic acid to hydrate their properties in depth. Using aftersun daily after the shower is the best remedy for skin because it hydrates the body and regenerates the skin, and it also keeps the tan longer. To recover the quality and beauty of our skin, drink 2 liters of fluid per day, between water and juices to maintain optimal hydration from within.

3. Treating Stains

After the summer season and before starting a treatment against stains that have appeared or returned, you must wait until the tan has completely disappeared. The anti-stain treatments can be done with specific skin lightening creams, and if severe, an aesthetic doctor can remove the stains with laser.

4. Watch Your Diet

We are what we eat and this is reflected in your appearance … To recover the lost line and show off the beauty of your skin is necessary to return from vacation to follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins A, E and C.

5. Sun Protection

To prevent skin aging, nothing better to protect all year with sun protection sunscreens, since the sun is the main cause of skin aging. Apply sunscreen every day before leaving home.

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