How Much May I Spend In Barcelona For Four Days?

It all depends on the budget we have: whether wego withthe “luxury mode” or with the “backpacker mode”, if we have a 5 stars hotel or affordable apartments in Barcelona that allow us to save some money without a quality decrease. What we ultimately want to express in this article is that you can spendfour days in Barcelona spending whatever you want, whether much or little, and still having many options within reach.

#1: The Arrival

Barcelona is a city widely connected by manymeans of transport. In this way, it will be easier to choose the most economical means to do so: by plane.

If we arrive by airplane, the airport El Prat-Barcelona has several connections to the city centre: by train, by R4 line and the journey costs about 4.5 €, through the new subway line, with a similarprice, by bus (either as city line bus or private line it costs from 2 to 5 euros), and finally by taxi, with a fixed price of 35 euros.

We can easily and directly reach by other means such as the train (SantsRailway Station) or by boat with up to three ports in the same city available.

#2 Accommodation

The offer of accommodation in Barcelona is huge, so we just have to decide our target according to the price and decide where to sleep all three nights. Moreover internet tools have allowed an offer higher than the establishments themselves: from sharing an apartment somedays to have a sofa “borrowed” in a Barcelona citizen’s house; the options are endless.

From the perspective of combining economy with comfort, renting an apartment for some days may be the right decision and half waybetween luxury and low cost.

#3 Food

Regarding food, Barcelona has the typical culture of Spanish “tapas”, cheap and tasty, but they are not the only option: prestigious Michelin star restaurants and numerous multinational food restaurants round off the register of places to eat any price.

In average, apiece of tortilla (tapa) with a glass of beer may cost around five euros.

#4 Leisure

Regarding leisure, the most expensive options are those that have the Gaudí seal and renowned museums such as the Picasso Museum, where entry tickets cost about 20 euros.

However there are offers as the first Sunday of every month whenyou can visitfor free many of these museums, as well as other cheaper and attractive options. Therefore, we recommend an obligatory visit to the tourist information offices: the most accessible are those located in Plaza Catalunya or under the Columbus monument.

4 days in numbers

Let us sum in figures, which are much more enlightening.

4 days of luxury, considering flights, accommodations in hotels, food menu in restaurants and visiting at least 3 monuments (egSagradaFamilia, Picasso Museum and La Pedrera) would costabout 960 €.

4 days low cost flying with acheap airline, accommodation in hostels, “tapeando” and visiting monuments for free admission would be around 350-500 €.

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