How to Choose a Cheap Gaming Laptop?

When it comes to choosing laptops for gaming purposes, many people would say that we should choose the one with the best available specifications in specific price range. However, for many people, gaming isn’t their highest priority. But they still want to play regularly and if possible, anywhere. As a result, we often get question, what is the best cheap gaming laptop available in the market today. The answer will change from time to time. New processors and graphics cards for laptops are released regularly. Many will simply argue that we should buy a desktop computer instead to get the best performance possible with the limited budget, but that’s not the answer we want. The prices of laptops remain stable, but we can expect to get more powerful capabilities, including for gaming purposes. So, the big question is how we can get the best cheap gaming laptop today. At first, we should about the definition of cheap. Price ranges can be quite different in many countries. This will require a proper research and check available laptops in the market. Among hundreds of models available, we should be able to define three price ranges. The lowest price range should define the cheap and affordable category. The next thing is to define a gaming laptop and what kind of specifications that it should have. As an example, we should be realistic about the size of screen resolution and graphics details. It is also important to know that cheap laptops often have plenty of limitations and some high-end games are simply not playable with weak hardware setup.

Again, many people would say that playing games at low resolution and graphics settings is a waste of time; but there are still people who are not game enthusiasts, but still want to play. In the cheap and affordable laptop category, there should be some models that already have dedicated graphics cards. They should become our primary focus. We should check the performance of these cards and read reviews for each. NotebookCheck is a good website for not only comparing mobile graphics cards, but also the gaming performance of many laptop models. The next important component is processor. Among cheap laptop models with dedicated graphics cards; we should choose the one with the best processor. This can be a rather tricky task, because a model with decent dedicated graphics card may not have the best processor among the selections. However, we often can’t even obtain all the best affordable components in the cheap laptop category. Another important component is RAM. It is important not only get the largest possible RAM, but we also need to make sure that the RAM module has at least decent performance. In general, 4GB of RAM is enough for casual gaming purposes, but we should make sure that there’s one extra slot that allows us to perform upgrade in the future. If you can choose between laptops and desktops, you should definitely choose desktops for much better performance, but the above steps should be good enough to find cheap gaming laptops.

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