FIFA 15 For Android—Fun And Packed With Features

FIFA 15 free download for android allows you to enjoy hours of football fun using your handheld device. This game was developed after two years of continuous innovations and improvements, and the developers have incorporated several suggestions from their avid fans in developing the action-packed and fun adventure it is.

Thrilling Graphics that Compete with the Original

A lot of importance has been given to generating graphics that are strikingly original. Most of the players in the current version are lean and athletic, with striking resemblance to their original counterparts in the field.

The game location and the movement between scenes on the field are quicker and with perfect blending. The players look just like they do on the field and their mannerisms are also matched with striking similarity.

Goalkeepers are prominent in their actions and they are given more options than previously before. The features allow for versatility in the field and intelligent game play.

Versions Available for Download

FIFA 15 free downloads for android and iPhone/iPad are available. There are also downloads for PC, Xbox and Sony playstation. All the demo files are copies of the original version and do not compromise on quality in any manner. Six separate versions are available for each of these devices, and they accordingly can be chosen to meet your specific requirements for the system you own.

Features of the FIFA 15 — Enhancements to the Previous Versions

The FIFA 15 free download for android OS and iPAD/iPhone is complete with all the features that were promised by the developers. This is well-suited for both novices to the game, and experienced hands who are familiar with the previous versions that were released.

The current FIFA 15 model includes 4 beginner levels, which are easy to understand and master. The bronze levels also continue to be present. The goalkeeper feature in this version is interesting. It allows the goalkeepers to decide whether they should run towards the ball or hang behind deciding whether they want to run in or not.

The receiver mode is improved in this version, as the red arrows that appear above the user’s head are quicker and operate much smoother. There are also default corner tactics that can be activated by pressing on the D-Pad for some time.

Some fun new celebratory actions have been introduced in this game. These include Hand Bite—Borini’s celebration, Flag Slap where the player sings his arm across his body and Kiss the Wrist—which is Suarez’s default celebration.

An additional feature is that now you can access 5 ultimate teams with a single choice. There is also a new beginner stage that can be attempted for those who are absolutely new to the game.  Apart from the four bronze skill games, there are other beginner skill games. The players are also encouraged to master the basic skills such as play on demand, shooting, dribbling, defending and ground pass, by first attempting the “Learn to Play” mode before moving on to the actual field game. Quick Ball Rolls and juggling the ball through the sombrero flick left/right are skill moves which improve your chances at shooting.

The game has been well-thought out and looks more attractive than ever before. FIFA15 free download for android, PC and iPhone promises endless hours of entertainment for all FIFA fans. It is suitable for players of all age groups, and people who find scoring too easy can move on to the advanced stages and indulge in the adventure that the game brings to your system. The beginner level may be too easy and can easily be skipped, but incorporating this feature encourages beginners to understand and master the skills required in the coming stages of the game.

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