How To Effectively Design A Website To Improve User Experience

Whether it is about designing a website or a web application, it has become extremely tough for the industry to keep on improving the user experience every time. Still, they have to work on it as the success of a website somewhere depends on how users perceive the information. The website holds the average user’s desire to get the information and complete the tasks. However, if the users find the website slow or confusing then majority of users may not tolerate the website and they prefer to switch to another one and as a result we receive user bounce rate. To improve the user experience, the website should be upgraded on a continuous basis; it helps to maintain a steady flow of happy visitors. If you are thinking how to start improving user experience, here are some quick tricks for you –

Re-check the Loading Speed of your Website:

Nobody likes to spend their valuable time for a slow loading website. As per the statistics, around 40% people usually leave the site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Therefore, it is better for you to re-check your website loading time. Also, even Google gives much value to those sites, which load faster. Hence, check out the various elements of the website that make website heavy to appear.

Build Interactive Content:

You can add widgets, endless page loads, web forms, cross link content from various sources etc. to make your website content much interactive.

How To Effectively Design A Website To Improve User Experience

Don’t use Overlays, Pop-ups and Interstitial Ads:

It just sucks, when some unwanted pop-ups, interstitial ads and overlays make the website surfing experience worst and irritating. It is fine if you are placing it to earn some additional revenue, but, don’t try to overdo as it will only help you to increase the bounce rate of website.

Add Social Media Widgets to your Website:

Nowadays, people prefer staying connected with website through social media sites such as twitter, Facebook & google+, rather than registering directly to the website. Thus, put some social media sharing widgets to your website.

Include Images:

In case, you wish to improve your user experience then think about entertaining or engaging the visitors. Make use of informative yet relevant images that can keep them busy with your website. You can easily find the best quality images from various online sources. Also, good images may get your social shares.

Choose a Clean Design with Navigation and Menus:

The website graphics and color also hold importance in website’s overall look and user experience, and it also helps in SEO of the website. The choice of font also matters, as usually websites contain a lot of reading stuff; therefore, while developing a website it is essential to consider content font. Navigation and menus should be placed properly on the website so that a user may navigate to the different pages easily.

Build Mobile Friendly Website Design:

Build a responsive design for the website so that it will be loaded properly in all other gadgets. As from desktop users to mobile users everybody should find it easy to explore the website. Nowadays, more than PC or laptop, people visit website through their smartphone; therefore, while designing don’t forget to check its appearance on mobile and do the required improvements.

Create different Pages for different Actions:

It is highly essential for a website to arrange information in chunks. Build a website, which has different pages for different information. For example, in case you have an offline store then have a separate ‘product’ page to explore the details of product, a separate ‘contact us’ page to easily find the address of store etc. This way you can make simple for visitors to navigate the website and find the desired information.

It has been observed that people prefer visiting simple and easy to understand website again and again than much complex and confusing websites. Therefore, build your website in a most user friendly way and improve website user experience.

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