Exciting Strategies To Grow Your Ecommerce Website

Below is a couple of strategies you will have to employ when it comes to growing your ecommerce-website. For years the general idea among newbies and webmasters alike has always been to open a website or ecommerce site and normally without any online marketing customers will come to your web platform and buy online. If you reading this you will know this is not true anymore, you have many competitors and they all are looking for an edge.

  1. Make an effort to acquire new customers by examining your market and seeking out new advertising strategies to appeal to more members of your demographic.
  2. Introduce a referral program to encourage word of mouth awareness among your customers.
  3. Increase your average order value through use of bundled packages or extra value packs of popular items.
  4. Get some social media buzz going through competitions or giveaways via Facebook or twitter.
  5. Adjust your free delivery threshold and let customers know how much extra they need to add to their cart to obtain free delivery. The incentive of free postage can often be enough to convince customers to add those additional items.
  6. Utilise cross selling and upselling effectively. Offer gift wrapping and other extras to customers as they are about to check out.
  7. Offer a discount voucher on the next purchase from you that a customer makes. This can have a big boost on your repeat business figures.
  8. Related to this is the introduction of a loyalty program, to make sure that customers come back to you for repeat purchases.
  9. Keep your site design simple and remove clutter. Focus on your most popular items and make it easy for customers to find what they want.
  10. Make your shopping cart easy to use and avoid having customers click away from the product page to order to add to their cart.
  11. Reassure customers throughout their visit to your site that they are doing the right thing. If they add to their cart make sure that the display changes to reflect this. Customers who are comfortable are more likely to feel reassured and confident and in turn more likely to complete their purchase
  12. Make sure your product images are the best you can obtain. As you are an online business the product image is the main way a customer will know what they are buying.
  13. Make key information easy to find. If customers are confused about shipping options, delivery times or other customer care issues they may go elsewhere if they cannot easily find solutions to these questions. Make sure they can find the information they need straightforwardly.
  14. Increase the number of markets that you are reaching. If you cater to different countries make sure that your landing pages reassure customers that you can meet their needs and that you can meet localized expectations regarding shipping practices and customs processes.
  15. Increasing numbers of people are using their mobile phones to purchase goods online. Make sure that your site operates easily on a mobile phone or consider creating an app to target this market.
  16. Include your products on marketplaces like Amazon and Overstock. These can yield high volume results as you are benefitting from a well-established global brand.
  17. Try adding new product lines that are related to your best selling items. Additional colours and styles of a product that already sells well can have an impressive boost on your sales figures.
  18. Try a very small price increase across your whole range. While a large increase will be noticed often a smaller amount of less than 5% will not make a difference to your customers, but will add to your revenue.
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