What Can We Call Our Environment In The Era Of 2000’s: Pollution Free?

What Can We Call Our Environment In The Era Of 2000’s: Pollution Free?

I believe many of you will say it’s a MYTH.

That’s right in today’s pollution freak environment we cannot think of living a pollution free life. In our daily breathe there are harmful particles entering our body. Germs multiplying themselves within us, making our body weak and fragile, affecting our immune system. Our nose as a breathing organ is not capable enough of restricting these particles from entering our blood veins.

Due to which we suffer from various lungs diseases. Even our lungs fail to take these particles and react vigorously. Believe it or not in today’s time cigarette are less harmful than the air which we inhale.

We all might have experienced the increasing number of visits to the hospital due to lung problems. Kids have stopped outdoor games. Or parents are not allowing them to step outside for long hours. Thus, not able to enjoy their childhood as awesome as we did 20years back.

20 years back also pollution existed but did not increase with such increasing rate. Industrialization has increased, consumption of air-conditioners have increased, deforestation has increased rapidly, etc. adding to the cause of air-pollution lovingly.

The factories can’t be shut- down; cars can’t be stopped to run on roads, we can’t decrease the usage of air-conditioners cause of burning surroundings. What can be done to reduce the effect of air pollution on our lives and on our body?

What can be done to start a new journey towards pollution free environment? How can we stop harmful particles to enter our blood veins?

Small steps taken can help a lot in order to achieve our ultimate goal of pollution free environment. Chief Minister of Delhi, started a very famous movement; Odd-Even vehicle scheme. This initiative helped a bit but more such initiatives are required in such fast-growing phase.

Even our industrial sectors do brainstorming in this direction. They develop new and innovative products and devices which help in filtering out pollution from the air.

There are devices which can measure pollution in air, devices which can help you in inhaling harmful particle free air.  There are masks available in the market to wear while stepping out. We even get nasal Filters which we can wear without any discomfort.

Such a nasal device is Clare(nose filter mask) available in the market which fits in the nose with any discomfort and sensitivity. It is available in different size which gives you choice to select your best-fitted piece. We can keep wearing it even while having food. It is the hassle-free device which helps you to inhale free and pollutant filtered oxygen.

In a nutshell, Delhi is in a race to secure the first position among the most polluted cities in the world. So we need to find and search ways to reduce the speed or rather kick Delhi out of this race. For such goal, we need to think more and act more to reduce fusion of pollutants in the air.

Steps taken today cannot show colorful results quickly, but slow and steady wins the race. We can also try to slowly and steadily win the race where our opponent is air pollution.

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