How To Write Effective Issue Paper – 3 Easy Ways

An academic essay that is about a problem is an issue paper. This assignment is tough to figure out, but once you do that, you will learn that writing an issue paper can be both challenging and engaging. What seems to be the “problem” can be actually reviewed as a possibility to be improved on. Custom “What are the Issues?” Paper assignment can also be a difficulty to overcome, a troubling question that is present in literature or theory, an area that needs meaningful research for understanding, or a practice that requires a deliberate investigation.

Introduction, Purpose and Thesis Statement

  1. The reader is required to be introduced to a topic that is being studied.
  2. Keep in mind that the reader should be also oriented to understand the significance of the study, research questions, hypotheses and evidence provided later on.
  3. To introduce an issue place it within a specific context.
  4. The context will help you determine the parameters of what is investigated.
  5. A framework for reporting the results will serve a purpose of indication of necessity why the conducted study is required.
  6. It should be combined with explanation of the findings to present the information.


In social sciences, the research problem establishes the incentive to answer the “So What?” question. Referred to a research problem, it should survive the relevancy test. The relevancy test is a type of measure used for procedures that at the end gives repeatability and accuracy. Rely on your commitment to answer the tricky “So What?” question. Focus on showing the researched material that you believe to be of great significance

Surviving the “So What?” Question:

  • Rely on clarity and precision –there are no generalization in well-written thesis statement.
  • Researchable issue or topic should be demonstrated through effective information that was well interpreted, digested and synthesized.
  • What would be studied in the paper? – do not use tricky words or terms.
  • Question must be accompanied by key factors and variables.
  • Provide solid identification of key concepts.
  • Tell the reader what are the main terms and provide their definition.
  • State study’s limitations through articulation of boundaries.
  • Convey the readers of importance of the selected study.
  • Do not overly use complex sentence structures to keep the meaning accessible.
  • Provide descriptive data with a snapshot of the issue, phenomenon, research or investigation.

Sources that Will Help Solve the Problem for Investigation

It is hard enough to identify the problem of the study. There are literally millions of problems to be investigated, yet you are limited to state an academically relevant problem. And it should be unique too without having to duplicate the others’ works. Work with your problem by relying on the following resources for your research study as inspiration.

  • Deductions from Theory
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • Interviewing Practitioners
  • Personal Experience
  • Relevant Literature

What Makes a Good Issue Research Statement?

  1. Compelling engaging topic
  2. Support from multiple perspectives
  3. Researchable question
  4. Remembering that Research Problem and research topic are different terms.
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