Various Industrial Tools Used In Industries Frequently

Various Industrial Tools Used In Industries Frequently

Industrial tools hold a great importance in every industry regardless of the size of the industry. The industrial tools are used in almost every industry daily for various minor and major operations. The industrial tools play a vital role in determining the efficiency and productivity of the industries and its workers. Without proper industrial tools, it would be impossible for workers to perform at great efficiency and in less time. The major tools that are used in industries are classified into two main classes- fixed machine tools and portable handheld tools.

The machine tools are very heavy and are used for performing the heavy tasks such as lifting, metal cutting, forming, and other heavy operations. The machine tools are very heavy and hard to move, hence they are fixed at one place in industry and the work-piece is brought to the machine tools for operations. The machine tools used in industries include lathe machine, CNC machines, milling machines, sheet cutters, hydraulic presses, etc.

The handheld tools are used for performing relatively small tasks and are easy to move. They can be taken to any part of the industry and is used for work-pieces, which are heavy to move and cannot be taken to the machine tools for machining. Here are some of the handheld tools used in industries regularly and extensively.

Welding Sets

Welding is used for creating a strong and long lasting joint between two metal parts. Welding is performed by inserting molten metal between two metal parts and joining them together strongly. The industries use several different types of welding procedure for joining metal parts such as electric welding, MIG welding, arc welding, etc. Apart from providing a strong joint, welding also eliminates the need for replacement of a broken metal part in industries.


Bolting is a major task that is performed in every single industry daily for various [purposes. The quality of the bolting operation determines the quality of work at an industry and also the level of safety at that place. In order to ensure proper bolting operation, you must use proper bolting tools for bolting operations such as wrenches. There are many types of wrenches that are used for various purposes in industries. Some of the wrenches are open end wrenches, impact wrenches, torque wrenches, pipe wrenches, etc. Without the use of proper wrenches, you cannot make sure that bolting is done efficiently, which can be a major safety threat at workplace. Additionally, it lowers the quality of end products. A nut splitter is used for moving jammed nuts and bolts without causing any damage to the assembly near the tools or creating any sparks, which can be harmful.

Apart from these, other industrial that are used in industries include drills, grinders, and many others, which make sure that every operation in an industry is done in a proper and efficient manner.

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