Better Automotive Business Trips Down Under

Better Automotive Business Trips Down Under

The automotive industry is an ever growing part of our society around the world.  Right now, many countries are seeing their automotive industries booms as horizontalization continues it’s reign on the business world.

One of the areas that is feeling the automotive boom the most is australia.  Australia has been leading the way as one of the up and coming automotive havens for new cars and used cars.  This is because the new car segment in australia tends to see decent growth, and the right to repair fight is in full swing for their automotive aftermarket.

Now is the best time to consider entering the australian automotive market as the battle begins for who will dominate the automotive game in the land down under.  To get your piece of the pie, you’re going to have to visit the area to see what it really has to offer your automotive business.  To help you get the most of your journey, we put together a 5 ways to get the most of your business trip to australia.

Know Where You Want to Go

As we said before, the automotive industry is on the rise in Australia, and that means there are so many places you need to visit.

If you are a dealer, it’s time to find willing hands that will sell you brands.  To do so, look for the other dealerships to find the major chains in the area.  If they don’t have your brand on the lots, great!  If they do, it might be time to ask them how you can make their dealership even better for your brand.  Sometimes, the answer is a simple, “send us one of the new top of the line performance cars.”

If you are an aftermarket parts provider, you might want to look at how your chain would transplant into the Australian market.  If the outcome is not good once the report is compiled, you might want to start looking into the already established australian auto parts stores to see if you could provide them with better parts at breakneck deals.  Supply the growing demand!

Plan Your Trip Well Ahead of Time

Trips to Australia can get really expensive.  After all, this has be an extremely popular tourism area for a long time.

To avoid getting caught in the vacation traffic and paying the vacation prices, you want to plan your trips and ahead of time and out of the holiday season.  Planning your trip months in advance will save you time and money simply because you buying it before it’s a popular idea.  The closer it gets to the travel date, the higher the prices will go.

Cover Your Belongings and Merchandise

Get coverage for your travels before you go.  If you’re from the down under, it’s easy to find affordable travel insurance in australia.  For those traveling from around the globe, a quick Google search or talking to your current insurance provider can bring a lot of clarity.  No matter what you do, make sure that you protect your belongings.

These policies can cover your luggage, your equipment, and you from any mishaps that might happen before, during, or after your visit to australia.

If you are bringing product to show your customers or a laptop to give a presentation, you need to cover it with travel insurance, or you risk making a completely fruitless venture should the worst happen.  That’s not good.

Delve Into the Local Automotive Scene

Wondering if you can really capitalize on the growing australian auto market?  Get involved in their local automotive scene, and see how the public responds to your brand.

Despite the fact that the australian market is a “young and growing” market, there is a rich racing heritage throughout the country.  Seriously, the aussies love racing huge V8 muscle cars on circuit tracks, and they are amazing at it.

If you have never been to a Touring Car Masters event, that’s where you want to start.

Be Prepared to Wheel and Deal

Australia is a different kind of place, and the market style reflects those feelings in the community.  Very rarely will you be able to shove off stock at full price, but that doesn’t mean can’t strike a deal that leaves both parties more than happy with the results.

Though you might not be the biggest fan of the wheel and deal method of business, it’s important to be prepared for it.  It’s ok to tell them no when they shoot an unreasonable offer, but don’t be so steadfast that you lose the chance to enter the market.


Preparation is the key to any great business trip, and that’s especially true if you are looking to hop into the growing australian automotive sector.  Opportunity is knocking loud and clear in australia, so get ready for your trip to make business connections.

How did you establish yourself in a blossoming automotive market?  What are your tips for sending a team on a mission of business acquisition?  Share your stories in the comments below.

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