When it comes to roof waterproofing how the professional roofer works?

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The roof masts are divided into two components and one component. Most of the time, the composition of roofing putty implies the presence of components that, when combined, cannot be stored for a long time. Therefore, for a high quality waterproofing, it is recommended to choose a two component composition.

If there is a tiny leak in your roof then you can seal the place with plaster and make the recovery. But if you have mild to medium leak or the whole roof, then it is suggested to call for the professional and go through with the complete roof waterproofing. Remember; do not just waterproof the whole roof at first. It depends on the condition, but after a complete Roof Replacement or repairing, the waterproofing must be done. Otherwise the attic will be weak from inside.

Advantages and disadvantages of roofing putty.

Not in vain, bituminous putty is still the most popular solution if you need to waterproof a flat roof, especially when the work is planned to be done independently. The advantages include:

Resistance to moisture – It is capable of withstanding high water pressure for a long time without loss of performance.

Low cost- And the difference is not only in the price of the composition. When using it, it is not necessary to hire a team of professional roofers with equipment to attach expensive ceilings.

Ease of use- It is easy to apply as a roller, and a wide brush. Due to the viscosity, the bituminous putty is distributed evenly without additional effort.

UV resistance – Under the scorching rays of the sun for many years, the bitumen roof does not require repair, since the formed film has a high resistance to UV rays. Also, it does not rust and does not corrode.

How to choose the mastic for ceilings?

In the first place, it is necessary to trust in what type of work was carried out and in what conditions. To create a partial waterproofing or to repair individual sections of a flat roof, it is best to opt for the latex putty. It has a greater elasticity and fluidity, which is especially good for filling small cracks. For cheap repairs, for example, the roof of a garage, it is better to buy the cheaper bituminous or tarred composition.

The composition of bitumen rubber has similar characteristics. But it is recommended to use it to cover the roof with a monolithic layer or to waterproof individual elements, for example, vertical edges on a flat roof. But when creating an exploitable roof, in which an additional movement is planned, it is better to choose durable polymer bitumen putties.

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