Haircuts That Will Make You Look Like The Stars

When most people think of fashion, they think about outfits, shoes, and accessories. But one thing that may be more important than those things is your style of haircut. This fact holds true for men and women, and personalizing your haircut to fit your lifestyle can take on a life of its own. While the basic concept of most styles resembles retro hairstyles from the past, evolution has called for a complete overhaul for many of them. So if you are trying to decide on what haircut fits your personal style, here are some fresh ideas to get you started.

 The Classic Bob

The Bob is a timeless haircut that continues to evolve. This hairstyle can be modified in many forms, and it is an instant eye-catcher for women who like to wear short hair. Many celebrities have been known to wear a version of the Bob, and even the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has made it a style of her own.

Display Your Boldness With the Asymmetric Haircut

The Asymmetric hairdo is one of the more modern looks, and you can find celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell and Rhianna wearing a shorter version of it. Like many other haircuts, this style has an unlimited number of ways you can fix it.

 Before you rush off to the hairdresser for a new haircut, the best thing you can do is figure out why you want a new look. There are good reasons and bad reasons for getting a new haircut so making sure you’re making this change for the right reason is key.

Tap Into The Long and Wavy Look

The Long and wavy hairstyle is for the person who wants to make a subtle statement without being too flashy. This haircut design has been worn by many celebrities, most commonly, Cindy Crawford. Many famous hair stylists are responsible for keeping the stars gorgeous and ready for their next casting call. Cindy Crawford’s stylist is Asgar. Cindy is one of many clients who depend on him to fit her with some of the most innovative and creative styles.

The Classic Crew Cut for Men

Whether you are formerly dressed or casual, this haircut has been a staple for decades. The crew cut is for someone who wants to stay away from long hair but remain stylish. This haircut is also weather efficient for those hot summer days.

Tap Into the Past with the Classic Afro

While this haircut has stood the test of time, both men and women continue to wear it. Whether long or short, the Afro remains one of the most popular styles for people who wish to wear a natural look. The Afro has proven to have staying power, because just as you think it has gone away; it reinvents itself in a style that fits the newer generation. The great thing about the Afro is, that it’s gender neutral. Some of the celebrities who have been known to rock a form of Afro are Jonah Hill and Bayonne.

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