5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Following An Accident At Work

accident at work claim

No one expects to get injured at work. But even though the situation may be frightening and painful, there are some things you need to remember – especially if the accident is not your fault and you think you may be able to make a legal claim for personal injury compensation. Keep a clear head and give your case the best chance of success by avoiding these five mistakes.

  1. Fail to Record the Accident

There are regulations stating that employers need to record details of all accidents that happen in the workplace. This record of incidents can be checked, so that if the accident happens again in the future and there was already an indication of the risk, the employers could be liable. You need to make sure that any accident or incident, however minor, is correctly recorded. A responsible employer will make the record but if they do not, insist on it.

  1. Throw Away Doctors’ Notes and Receipts

It is important to keep all records of treatment and doctors’ diagnoses that you receive following the workplace accident as this information can be used to make an accident at work claim. Sick notes, records of hospital appointments, and prescriptions should all be kept in a safe place.

  1. Feel Guilty About Making a Claim

Many people worry about making a claim for personal injury sustained in the workplace, fearing that it will ruin their working relationship with bosses and colleagues, or that the company will be financially affected by a claim. The truth is that all companies have insurance in place to pay for this type of claim, and employers are not allowed – by law – to sack you or discriminate against you in any way if you make a compensation claim. When making a claim you can also help ensure that something similar does not happen again in the future. Sometimes it takes a compensation claim for a business to truly take an incident seriously. You could be protecting someone else’s life.

  1. Wait Too Long to Make a Claim

Take heed of advice from http://shireslaw.com – there are time limits within which you can make a claim for an accident at work compensation award. You do not have to apply immediately but you do need to do so within three years. It is best if you contact a solicitor as soon as possible so you can find out about the likely success of your claim, and any potential issues that could relate to it.

  1. Try to Make a Personal Injury Claim by Yourself

Speak to a qualified solicitor in the first instance – your claim could be affected if you make it yourself without fully understanding the procedures and processes involved. If you are reasonably sure your accident at work is grounds for compensation, check with a solicitor who specialises in workplace accident compensation. Choose a firm that deals mainly with personal injury claims to ensure you get the specialist help you need following a workplace accident.

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