Sometimes, there comes a time in the life of a seasoned RV traveler when he thinks of selling his RV. Does the feeling strike a chord? If you are thinking of how to sell your motor home, you are not alone. There are millions in the RV-ing world who would want to sell their RVs either to upgrade to a newer, better model, or to retire to a more sedentary lifestyle. This also means that the competition to sell your vehicle might be high. How about offering your buyers something more than just the RV? Something unique, something that only you can offer. Wondering what? Your life experience. Inspire your buyers with firsthand RV-ing stories and offer them valuable advice that will help them in embracing the RV lifestyle. Here are three things that you can tell your prospective buyers about keeping costs within reasons when they are on the road.

Tip 1: They Don’t Really Need a Campsite

After a long drive in the RV, when your buyers want to set up camp somewhere and take a break, they assume that they have to look for a good campsite. This involves paying up the fee for using the ground. This is one expense you can help them avoid, particularly if they just intend to stop overnight. It is a smarter move to look for decent truck stops or an empty parking lot where they can pull up and stop for free. Tell your buyers about such zero- cost stopovers that you have made during RVing and they will thank you every time they save money this way. You can also advice them to halt at an Army Corps of Engineers park. These are usually far cheaper than the commercial RV campgrounds or they may even be free.

Tip 2: They Can Use the Sun to Power All Appliances

If you have installed a solar panel on your RV roof to power your appliances, you eliminate the need to park at sites where you can charge up your batteries. This is a big advantage to the future owners of your RV too and you should highlight this feature without fail. Thanks to this feature in your RV, the buyers can eliminate the need to shell out a fee for using campsites when all they need to do is power up.

Tip 3: They Can Avoid Frequent Repairs by Carrying Out Regular Maintenance

One of the major cost areas for those following the RV lifestyle is unexpected repairs. When the new RV owners are driving down the road and the RV suddenly develops a glitch, they do not have much option but to look for the nearest mechanic or garage, even if it is way more expensive than their regular one. Unexpected repairs in unfamiliar locales often result in huge bills that take the fun right out of RV-ing. Ensuring that the motor home is regularly serviced whether or not in use reduces the risk of unexpected repairs and service issues. Advice your RV buyers to give the vehicle a thorough maintenance check before leaving on a trip because it helps identify potential problems which could lead to big bills and big headaches when they are out on the road.

Help your prospective buyers see that RV-ing can be a budget-friendly affair and chances are they will be keener than ever to complete the purchase and start their road trip. If you are wondering how to sell your motor home quickly, this strategy is worth a try. You might end up getting a great price on your RV and making lifelong friends with your RV’s new owners.

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