Few Of The Most Common Myths About Car Accidents In Miami

Few Of The Most Common Myths About Car Accidents In Miami

Car accidents can be very hostile events, no matter how and when they happen. Dealing with someone responsible for it and communicating with insurance agents can make a person frustrated and depressed.

So, you have recently been in a serious car accident in Miami. You have no idea what exactly happened to your, you just know that you have suffered severe injuries and need help. One of the best decision an individual can make after a car accident is to speak with an experienced car accident injury attorney. Although it’s possible to file a claim on your own, you can increase the chances of getting a fair compensation by hiring a knowledgeable car accident injury attorney.

Yet whether you have been in many car accidents or none at all, you must have probably hands several so-called facts about car accidents. Here listed are few of the most common myths about car accidents that everyone needs to be aware of.

Few Of The Most Common Myths About Car Accidents In Miami


Don’t ever get fooled into believing that you can’t afford to hire a car different attorney- most knowledgeable car accident attorneys work on a  contingency fee basis. This means that your car accident attorney only gets paid in case you obtain a fair settlement. If you have a good attorney on your side, you can rest assured that you will definitely get the justice and compensation you actually deserve.


This is not true at all. Being involved in a car accident doesn’t mean that the compensation will be received automatically. Personal injury law says that if a person is less than fifty percent at fault for the wreck, he or she may get a settlement offer. So, it’s better to beware of the insurance agents as they always offer the lowest possible amount of compensation at the first glance. Also, if a person is more than fifty percent at fault, he or she is completely barred from recovering damages. well, this can leave an individual without a vehicle, with ample car repair, hefty medical bills, and no answers.


Most of the people are frightened of the prospect of going to the court. However, the truth is that majority of personal injury cases like car accident cases never reach the court. In fact, no one really wants to step into the court and wants their case to get resolved as soon and as practically possible. Therefore, it’s essential to realize that every accident case is different and the settlement process awards differently depending on state and the insurance agencies.


If you have recently faced a severe car accident or a loved one has, seek help from a qualified car accident injury attorney in Miami before you do anything else.

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