Explore Chittorgarh With Palace On Wheels Train

chittorgarh fort

Chittorgarh Overview: The rulers of the princely Mewar Kingdom ruled this place from early seventh century to the sixteenth century. There were several enemies who wanted to take over this region with palaces. However, the fighters of Rajput men & women defended their region. The enemies included warriors from Delhi and North Western regions including Allauddin Khijli who wanted to take over the region mostly for Queen Padmavati of Chittaur. This is the place, queen, and story about which the latest movie Padmavat is made.

Chittorgarh Fort: The battles took place at several popular monuments and palaces of Chittorgarh that stood through all these centuries. The famous ‘jauhar’ incident took place at the ‘Pride of Rajasthan – Chittorgarh Fort. The fort built on a hilltop of 180 meters height over 700 acres of land. There is another popular name from this fortress as it contains 84 waterfronts made of ponds and deep wells.

India’s Palace on Wheels offers guests to explore the magnificent Chittorgarh Fort from evening till night. At the end of exploring this huge fortress, there is a sound and lights show on the history with great pictures & story. So, guests who stay and watch will get to know a lot about the place Chittorgarh. Palace on Wheels has fully air-conditioned cabins for guests to travel in luxury with ‘khidmatgars’ or attended for each carriage of the train. Traditionally dressed artistes welcome guests at the embarkation site and as staff assists guests around the clock with various services.

Presidential Suite

One carriage is dedicated to the Presidential Suite with living area having sofa set, LCD TV, a comfortable writing desk, and a dining space with a mini – bar closet, a master bedroom with Queen Size bed, & another twin bedded bedroom. There is an attached bathroom equipped with a shower cubicle, wash basin, WC, a bathtub, and supply of toiletries. This is the most plush and luxurious accommodation out of all the suites of the palace on wheels. It has most space in the area measuring 440+ Sq. ft. and has the most number of facilities too.

Suites & Jr. Suites

However, guests traveling in all the other suites enjoy fully air-conditioned cabins that have attached bathroom. The bathroom is equipped for optional hot/cold water shower & WC. There are queen size bed cabins and twin bed cabins available in all types of suites so guests can select the suitable cabin. Guests can feel safe as cabins are equipped with a safety locker, mineral water for drinking, LCD TV with satellite channels, and an amazing view of the outside and writing desk too. Other free facilities include Wi-Fi Internet and intercom, direct dial, international calling (chargeable) etc.

Sightseeing Tours & Excusions Travel

While on excursions, or sightseeing tours, the guests of the presidential Suites & Suites are taken in fully air-conditioned luxury cars. Guests of all the other tours are also guided tours and guests travel in air-conditioned coaches or deluxe buses with kits like mineral water, hats to protect from sun, etc. There is a luxury Bar & Lounge where guests can unwind after a tired sightseeing tour while the train is moving. The bar offers domestic & international labels as well as cocktails. The Lounge has board games like caroms, chess, Chinese checkers, etc. are available for guests or they may also read a book/ magazine too.

Dining Cars

The two royal dining cars namely Maharajah & Maharani Restaurants comfortably seat 42 guests at any time. The interiors of the restaurants resemble the opulence of the palaces in ancient days. There are four – seated tables by the window & two – seated tables by the window that offers the guests a panoramic view while they relish their meals. There is tasty traditional & international cuisine to enjoy onboard in the royal ambiance of the dining cars.

It is a luxurious way to explore the great Chittorgarh region and see the magnificent Chittorgarh Fort. So, check out the luxury travel of the Palace on Wheels tour and travel like kings & rulers with imperial lifestyle in the lap of sheer luxury.

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