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How To Make My Children Watch Less Television

Children completes a family, they are the life of parents. Parents do all possible measures to do the best for there children in spite for all the hardships they have to face outside to meet there needs. Both the parents do jobs so they can give a good living to their children as there are lot of expenses to give good fooding and education. They give take a lot of insurance policies for there better and secured future.

As both the parents do there best to give good environment for the growth of there kids, but in spite of best efforts if differences increase due to any circumstances they have to go to legal separation which is also known as divorce. This kind of situation becomes terrible for kids, as kids need both mother and father, there love and support for a better future. Usually kid’s custody is given to mother, as she completely since the birth of the child is involved with the child. According to the latest laws of legal separation the parent who earns more is suppose to take care of the child expenses. Usually this Child Supportwill be took care by the father as he works and pays for the expenses of the child. He even gets permission from the court to visit child on intervals to spend quality time with him/her. There is no discrimination in sex of the child .Boy or a girl usually the custody of the child is given to the mother. But yes as the child becomes adult he /she choose mother or father to stay with.

Child Support is given to the child as he should not feel the absence of any of his parent. He gets best of academics and good fooding and lodging. But that love and affection a child looks for he will not be able to get that. In fact now the court asks the parents to share the responsibility of the child. Legal Separation has the worst effect on the child’s brain as he feels lonely and looks for parent’s reunion. There are cases where marriages are running because of children as by union of parents only a child feels content. Every time the parent visits the child he has to take proper permission from the court, due to legal matter.

In later stages when the child becomes decision maker he chooses his parent to stay .Now as child upbringing is becoming a challenge a lot of TV programmes have been started so that parents should not go for divorce for the sake of there children future. Court has made a lot of laws for the betterment of children as they ask the parent who will pay the expenses for the child to pay a huge amount as alimony for a secured future of the child.

There are a lot of cases discussed for a child custody and the major is denying the parenting of the child, in this case the court ask the DNA check of the child and both the parents so that this allegation can be removed and custody of the child can be given to the desirable parent .Child support only come when legally divorce is done on papers in the court. Due to differences increasing between spouses there are a lot of single parent in the society.

Taking a Child Custody is a big responsibility as one parent has to do both the features of a mother and father, has to give best of environment to the child for his better growth and development .All children needs support of father and mother.

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