The Best Retailers To Work For 2014

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With the end of 2014 nearing, it’s time to look back at the best retailers of the last 12 months. Listed below are the top 5 retailers who made it into the Top Companies to Work for in 2014/2015, this statistics are based solely on the ratings that their own graduate employee have written about them (anonymously) online at The Job Crowd.

1. Asda

The fact that Asda is part of Walmart – the largest retailer on the planet – speaks for itself; there motto is to try and save customers money. Asda employee nearly 200,000 colleagues, so trust is important, over 19 million customers can’t be wrong. Asda is involved with many community projects, also known as the Asda Foundation, they are involved with plenty of charities and recently they’ve set up Asda’s Sporting Chance Scheme gives kids the chance to try a new sport for free. Since 1999 Asda has been a part of the Walmart family.

2. TK Maxx

This is an unlikely organisation is second believe it or not! With over 400 stores in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Poland alone.TK Maxx is part of the TJX Companies Inc – the world’s leading off-price apparel and home fashions retailer with sales of over $27 billion in 2014. With plenty of graduate programmes on offer, for people with degrees of just relevant work experience, from retail, to finance to management, there high starting salaries aren’t the only thing that’s great for prospective employees.

3.  John Lewis Partnership

Let’s be honest if you have ever stepped through the doors of a John Lewis or Waitrose, or even just shopped online, you can see the difference. The quality of produce, the customer service or the inspirational displays? Actually, it’s even simpler than that, they believe in partners – now you many have heard this term before when mentioning John Lewis, Partners are the employees – but they are also known as co-owners in the business. They all receive shares and at the end of the years they receive a bonus of between 8-20% of their wages! I mean if that isn’t an incentive to work for them what is? John Spedan Lewis believed in the ‘happiness of all its members’ and their ‘worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business’.

4. Boots

Boots UK and Boots Opticians have together been awarded place 20th place in The Sunday Times 2013 25 Best Big Companies to Work for list, which is a great achievement. With pension schemes, regular bonuses of up to 10% and 40% for senior roles and discount of up to 22% on their product, there are plenty of rewards to choosing to work for Boots. Their motto is; “We’re aiming to be the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer. We’ll achieve that by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, and helping them to look and feel better than they thought possible.” With plenty of graduate programmes on offer, not just the retail side but finances, management and HR too, there is something for everyone.

5. Tesco

 “Every little helps” is one of the most famous slogans in the world, they are extremely customer orientated. Being one of the most popular supermarkets in the UK you would expect them to have a range of opportunities for employees and they do! From graduates with a range of degrees, to school leavers with only GCSE’s, there are opportunities for all. There motto is; “If you believe in great service, and want the chance to get on and develop, we offer a world of opportunities at Tesco.”

 All of these organisations offer massive incentives for you to work for them, from discounts to training development to shares and much, much more! Large organisations like these implement fantastic HR departments who can really care for your staff welfare, from employee performance management software systems to team paint balling days to glass award presentations…Yes really!. Wonder if any of these organisations will be in the top 5 retailers of the year for 2015? OR will your company make the list?

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