The Pros and Cons Of Crowdsourced Software Testing

The Pros and Cons Of Crowdsourced Software Testing

Software testing is an ongoing process that can require a lot of man power. Additionally, there is no one right, or fool-proof, way of testing a software application to ensure that it is as debugged and effectively operative as possible. For these reasons, software developers and software implementers alike are always looking for new ways of working out naturally arising kinks in their coding. One such method that is getting a lot of attention lately is crowdsourced software testing. Crowdsourcing is a fancy way of saying “group effort,” and it’s understandable why software testing companies would want to take advantage of the power of crowdsourcing (or, “crowdtesting”). Here are some of the pros and cons of crowdsourced software testing.

The Pros and Cons Of Crowdsourced Software Testing


Environmental Diversity

Crowdsourced testing takes place in an endless variety of environments—as varietal as there are people on the Earth to do the testing. Therefore, when a new software program goes through the crowdtesting process, it undergoes a type of “real-world” analysis that is all but impossible to recreate in a manufactured setting.


This method of software testing is built around user feedback. That makes it an ideal option for programming that is user-centric in nature. Examples of user-centric software include video games and mobile computing device applications (mobile apps).

Cost Effectiveness

Many software development companies are small startups that are working from a very limited budget. While testing is integral to the development process, it is also very expensive when businesses have to hire consultants to conduct it. Crowdsourcing is a budget-conscious alternative to calling in the big dogs.


Testing Quality may vary

Although there are systems in place to get the best possible work quality out of a crowdtesting scenario, there is simply no accounting for human error, and for the fact that different people function differently. For this reason, crowdsourced software testing is an imperfect process, subject to at least some level of unreliability.

Confidentiality Concerns

If confidentiality of your software is a concern for you, then you might understandably take issue with the idea of allowing a crowd of people you’ve never met, spread across the globe, access to your programming.

Management Requirements

When you have a team of employees working for you remotely—especially employees that you might never meet, and who will never step into your office—you must be especially conscientious of your management style. If you can’t manage your remote workforce effectively, then you must hire someone who can.

Crowdsourced software testing is something you should consider, and for a variety of reasons; you can read about it online for more info. However, it’s also something you should weigh out against your other options, to determine whether or not it’s the right choice for your business.

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