The Advantages of Automated Software Testing

If you have finished building the website for your company, you need to test the website before it goes live. If you don’t test your website thoroughly, you might get complaints from your customers saying that few webpage’s are throwing up errors, and it could potentially ruin its image.

The Need for Testing Early

Although the issues can be fixed quickly, every time you cannot afford to waste your time fixing all the errors, and more importantly keep annoying the customers. So, it is necessary for you to test the website during the initial stages. There are certain automated software test tools that can help you in testing process.

Automating the Testing Process

While nothing can replace thehuman testers, broad test coverage also requires automation tools in order to reduce the overall cost, and quicken up the speed. Automated website testing tools can provide you good enough workforce multiplier and can accomplish the tasks, and compliment the human testers. Automated tools can test a large number of cases and that is why they have become economic requirements for every other corporate.

Classes of Automated Testing

There are 2 classes in automated testing tools. The first is the functional and regression tools. The second type is the load test, where your website performs under large stress.

Advantages of Software Testing

Process of software testing is vital in the development phase of the software. There are 2 common types when it comes to automation testing. Both these types are important when it comes to software development cycle. Test engineers make use of automated process in order to test all possible cases.

The main advantage of the software test is that it helps in saving time. It is again just like other automation processes and it also offers you faster results for the testers. Tools are capable of recording the tasks and they’re also helpful in generating the testing reports finally. You just need to follow the directives as suggested by the tool and your instructor in order to attain better results.

Another benefit here is saving money. Software testing tools are expensive and you don’t have to repeat these tests, which are costly. They also offer you chances of saving money, since there are no additional expenses when compared with the manual testing. Apart from all these, it can also improve the overall accuracy.

Minimize Human Errors

One important thing that you need to bear in your mind is that humans make mistakes. Therefore, even if you are a meticulous tester, you might miss few spots when you test your software manually. In such cases, you might require an automation in order to execute the processes and make sure that you don’t forget to make the detailed records of the results.

When you speak specifically with respect to software QA, you need to take care of enhancement of test coverage. Automation tools can do this task easily and also increase the depth and scope of the tests, so that you can also improve the quality of the application being developed.

In a Nutshell

You can also run tests without checking the performance, and you can’t really do this in case of manual testing. It can be very helpful for you undergoing the lengthy tests. Automated software tests can be done only in one computer, though they can be done in several other configurations.

Obviously, automated procedure can do anything where you can’t perform with the manual testing. Even if you have huge software department, you struggle to perform web application tests with more numbers of users. Automated testing will help you in simulating more number of users. Click here to know more about automated testing.

Author Bio

Emily Rose Johnson is a software engineer by profession. She works for a reputed software firm in California as testing manager, and makes use of many advanced automated website testing tools on regular basis.

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