Bridging The Social Gap At Events

Bridging The Social Gap At Events

People, who relocate to South Indian cities such as Bangalore and Chennai, fall in love with the weather and quieter way of life but find it a little hard to get used to the completely different cuisine. It’s the same when a person travels vice versa. With its cosmopolitan air and traditional pockets, Bangalore is indeed a treasure trove to travellers and for the people who have moved to the city recently.

One of the best things to do in Bangalore is to organize a casual dinner event or a brunch. Those with ample space can, of course, invite many people. But if you have a small house or flat, fear not. With these few simple pointers, you should be able to organize a smashing get-together easily.

  1. If you have recently moved to the town, break the ice with your neighbours and colleagues by inviting them over for tea or coffee and snacks. You may not be familiar enough to them to persuade them to attend a formal dinner or grand lunch party. But an informal gossip session over steaming cups of coffee and spicy groundnuts are loved by all.
  2. The biggest concern to you may be organizing the menu for an event. If you are from north or northeast, you may be more used to paranthas, chole bature and daa-baati-choorma dishes. Learn a little more about the southern cuisine and include a few of their dishes too if you are inviting a mixed bunch comprising of people from Bangalore too. While it is not mandatory that all South Indians will only eat such dishes, they would nonetheless appreciate your thoughtfulness in arranging for them.
  3. There are many people in Bangalore, who are strict vegetarians and even avoid spicy ingredients such as garlic and onions. Be sure you to keep these little things in mind when you prepare or order food from a caterer for them. Keeping vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at discreet distances also helps so that people of each category don’t feel uncomfortable while being served their dishes.
  4. The city is filled with restaurants, lounges, pubs, discotheques, formal part halls and many such fun places. Open air, flashy mirrors, head-banging rock music, bright colours and quiet corners – you can find them all in this city. But for those of you who love classical formats of music, museums and art galleries, libraries and science galleries – there are plenty for you to choose from, as well. The city is well known for its popular theatre plays, cultural festivals and emporiums that showcase talent and indigenous merchandise from all around the country.
  5. There are many picnic spots in and around Bangalore too. Cycling enthusiasts have separate trails for their enjoyment, the Bannerghatta Zoo and Bandipur Forest are popular with kids and families, Mekedatu, Nandi Hills and Chikmangalur are some of the nearest tourist places that you can explore, as well.

So overall, the city is fun for people of all sorts – adventurists, the party hoppers, the musically inclined and the ones drawn to art. No wonder, there are so many events held all year round in various parts of the city always!

About the author – The author is settled in Bangalore and hails from Chhattisgarh. She is fond of exploring new cities and blogging about them on eventshigh.

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