How Virtual Reality Video Games Can Change The Course Of Medical Education

How Virtual Reality Video Games Can Change The Course Of Medical Education

Who would think that video games can change the way medicine has been working for decades? We all know that technology is moving at a fast pace and might be more beneficial than just fast entertainment. Virtual reality video games is helping students studying medicine in more ways than one. When playing a virtual video game these days, you are required to come up with a plan quickly and efficiently. Then you have to start playing, while communicating with people from all over the world. This in itself requires a lot of skills and multi-tasking.

Testing knowledge

A lot of medical students are used to performing under pressure. The work that goes into something like a residency personal statement is enough to cause sleepless nights. Educators are aware that video gaming appeals to students and are considering using it to improve education. Of course, the scenarios created will be based on a real life medical emergency. The students’ knowledge is tested on the spot without real lives being compromised. If the student does not complete the task at first, they simply fail the game and can always try again.


Finding a class of students trying to impress their professor is always going to be there. Now, put them to the test on a video game and you have the perfect combination. Instead of wasting time on written tests, the educator can use a video game to see who think quickly on their feet. When doing residency statements the student still gets some time to complete the task, but not in virtual video games. It would be fun to watch a class of medical students showing off their skills on these games. The competitiveness it creates will motivate the students to try and master the task and in reality they are learning skills to use in practice.

Which virtual games to start with?


This is one of the most used virtual game for medical students. You are given clinical cases ad have to come up with a diagnosis. After that, the student has to think on their feet and come up with a solution. It’s like having a real life test where your skills as a student is tested.

Medical School

Another great virtual reality video game which provides premedical students the opportunity to experience of working in their chosen fields. This game takes you through a hospital, where you have to check on patients, order any extra exams and treat the patients as you would in a real life setting. Your personal statement residency might seem like a dream after you finish one of these exhilarating games.


Life is changing and we have to use the evolving technologies available to us. Some might believe that life is changing for the worse or too fast but it we switch things around, it can be used for good. For once, medical students might actually have some time to have fun while learning.

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