Is Free Higher Education Possible?

It is commonly believed that people should have freedom in pursuing their educational rights. It is now considered as human right violations to deprive people from proper education. Education will allow people to enjoy their cultural, social and economic rights. Without education, it can be quite challenging to pursue these rights. Obtaining proper education has also an economic merit. We will be able to obtain better improvements in terms of opportunity, prosperity and cooperation. Education allows us to foster cooperation. There are different ways to ensure good education and the common way to do that is by ensuring the availability of scholarship.

The possibility of winning scholarship can be quite low in some cases. Many people are aiming to obtain scholarship, but there’s certainly not enough money to give everyone the same amount of opportunity. The world is still based on the same pyramidal structure with its inequalities. However, we should make sure that the world of education can meet all the needs of both poor and rich individuals. Many students from financially less capable families have more than enough intellectual capacity to achieve goals and perform well in modern educational system. In some countries, elementary, middle and high educations are free; but not extended education in colleges and universities. However, this can only be achieved in developed countries; where people with only high school education only obtain low-paying jobs.

In an ideal world, even higher education is accessible for everyone. However, this can’t be achieved and only students with the best capabilities are granted financial aids. It may take decades before we see the first country that allows entries for its citizens for higher education. In a society where everyone can get free or at least affordable high education; it is likely that the economy will grow more smoothly and cooperation between citizens is fostered. It is also quite likely that cultural development will improve in accordance with local values. In this case, everyone will be able to enjoy the cultural, social and economic rights; as well as political and civil rights. This could happen, if many people are well aware of the benefits being properly educated.

In any country, people are the biggest economic resource far surpassing oil reserves and other natural resources. Many countries with poor natural resources are able to grow economically and become major players in the world; due to excellent human resources. The highest level of human resources utilization can be achieved when people have obtained higher education. This will allow them to become more creative and productive in boosting the national economic situation. Lower educational level will create ignorance and this will be a bad thing for the overall economic situations. So, we should make sure that citizens are all well educated. Although it is financially impossible to achieve, free higher education will ensure higher standards of living and much better rate of employment. People will be more eager to start their own businesses, instead of becoming employees themselves.

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