A Useful Manual For A Vegan – Know The Tips Of Ordering Out Food In London

Being a vegetarian is not only healthy, but also it has added advantages too. The advantages are glowing skin, less stress and more energy. However, most of the vegans face difficulty while selecting food from the menu because of the limited varieties.

The experience is entirely dependent on the chef of the restaurant.  These days, restaurants are improving and providing its customers a huge variety of food. Therefore, now it is almost easy selecting a tasty food. Read this article to know more about how to order vegetarian food and what to check before ordering.

Check Online

There are numerous online sites and mobile application where you can check the best vegetarian food. Check for the customer reviews. It is best to go for the restaurants, which got the maximum ratings.  It is advised that you stick to few restaurants and you can ask your friends and relatives for their suggestions.

Select the Restaurant Wisely

Today, most of the restaurants serve non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian food. Go through the menu. It is recommended to go for the restaurants, who have given details of the food, rather than just naming it.

Here are some selections of food that can never go wrong:

Indian Vegetarian Food:

Dosa, idli, pakoras, vegetable curry, dhal are the best. When are you placing your order you can also specify you want them deep fired or without butter. Best Indian Brick Lane restaurants serve all kinds of food, and are popular among its customers


Vegetable sushi rolls, miso soup, special Japanese salads. When you place your order, please specify that you will not take any fish eggs, fish oils and fish sauce.


Pad Thai without fish and oyster sauce. Pad Thai is the signature Thai dish, which can taste great, if cooked properly.


Vegetable noodles, vegetarian fried rice with mixed vegetable soup, momo and fried tofu can be your one of the best selections of food.


You can never go wrong in taste with an Italian dish. They have a wide range of variety. You can select a wide range of salads (peas, pasta, macaroni, and mixed fruit) and vegetarian pizza (onion, tomato, capsicum)

Ask Questions

Before ordering your food, talk with the waiter who will be taking your order. Sometimes some dishes can have a non-vegetarian derivative mixed within it. Ask questions like

  • What is it made up of?
  • Is it pure vegetarian or not?
  • What kind of oil is used?
  • Any animal fat is used or not during preparation or seasoning?
  • Is any sauce is used? What kind of sauce?
  • What kind of bread they use? Does it contain any egg?

The more you question the more clear you will get. For example, if the waiter tells you that the vegetable stock is being used in vegetarian dishes and no chicken stock has been used in the preparation, you can easily place your order.


There are some restaurants, which will serve according to your needs. You can select the items from the menu and they will prepare it for you. Even if you go wrong in selection, they will help you out.  It is also advised to carry some snacks every time you step out.

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