How Product Reviews Vary from Product Descriptions

How Product Reviews Vary from Product Descriptions

While product descriptions and product reviews are both in the product information genre, they vary significantly. In essence, they both give detailed information about the product. Here are some ways in which they are different though.

Product Description: Detail and structure are key.

First, when you provide a product description writing service (read more here), structure is important. The information on the product must be presented in a certain way. You have to convince a potential customer to buy your device instead of the competitors’ even when they are essentially the same.

Detail is important.

Research must be done. You have to understand all the key features and nuances of the product and all the benefits of having it. Highlight them and make them stick to the reader’s mind. You can check the manufacturer website for details on the product but the best method is to use the product yourself. Your description will have a much more personalized feel this way. The advantage of product reviews over product description is this personalized tone as opposed to the more structured approach but there is no reason you should not be able to take advantage of something that will get you more readers.

Your choice of words and language will determine how users feel about the product. For this reason, keep it short. Use common terms and as little jargon as possible. Keep sentences short and ensure customers easily understand what you are attempting to say to them. Be creative to get them excited but be careful not to exaggerate. Your competition may rely only on the manufacturer’s description and you could beat them by employing a more friendly tone and offering additional details.

Research the market

The people who might buy your product may need to be appealed to in a specific way. Research them. Highlight the benefits of the product that will appeal to your target market. But avoid using technical terms that only a few may understand. Then by all means encourage them to buy the product. Ensure you provide a means to do so as well as a payment method. Make it easy for them and reduce the steps they may need to take to acquire the product.

Your product description writing service needs to employ good SEO strategies and once the hits send them your way, convince users that they need the product.


A lot of product reviews on the Internet are only looked at for a few seconds, easily discovered as sales material instead of honest reviews. What one needs to realize is that users are looking for an honest opinion on the product. So if you want your product description writing service to attract search engines and increase traffic to your site, solidifying your reputation as a thought leader, keep some things in mind.

Choose the product carefully: You have to be interested in the product and ensure it is something you and your readers can use and would like to use. Your readers’ interests have to be accounted for, as well as their aim in reading your review.

Eliminate bias: Objectivity in product review writing is paramount. Do not be biased. Keep an open mind and be honest with yourself on the ups and downs of the product. Honesty builds your reputation. One way to ensure an honest opinion is to use the product. This is exactly the advantage of reviews over descriptions. You cannot get away with not using the product.

Your readers will want some questions answered and so should you. What does it do? How is it different or unique? Is it worth price? Is it easy to use? What are its flaws? How does a person acquire the product?

So take notes, avoid the manufacturer’s promotional material, use the product for some time your product review writing service will be honest, in-depth, well thought out, unbiased and quite easy to write.

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